Saint Sarah, of the Palin

Well, so much for presuming I was going to get caught up with the latest news today, AHA! (Company dropped by).

Joel posted on the article written by Lisa Miller concerning Sarah Palin, and I must say his intro had me laughing. What’s NOT funny is as far-fetched as it sounds there’s a grain of ‘possibility’ in them there words.

Saint Sarah, of the Palin

The year is 345a.s. and in the middle of a large cornfield, in northern Alaska, a crowd is gathered to honor Saint Sister Sarah, of the Palin, who around 345 years ago was born, to become the first female President of the United States of America, bringing an end to the liberal media bias, and indeed, much of Western Civilization. Her tale had grown far and wide, and now, as they meet in what was once a tundra covered land, now a crowing corn field, to honor her…  more

From the day the announcement went out over the airwaves that she had been picked to run with McCain, I watched Christian bloggers and websites (within the hour)  praising God, believing she was God’s answer to prayer. My discernment went on alert. For if you recall no one basically outside of Alaska, knew one iota about her, except she claimed to be a Christian.

After following her speeches in the following weeks/months, especially those made here in the south, and learning of her involvement with dominionist groups (including Rick Joyner) I had no doubt as to why the warning went off in my spirit.

Enough said…

2 comments on “Saint Sarah, of the Palin

  1. Scary, ain’t it? How if someone claims to be a Christian, then suddenly Christians will support them, regardless of investigation.

    It does worry me though, her building her network and gaining experience. It is not making her wiser, just more knowledgeable on how to play the game.

    • Joel, i’ll never forget the loud cry of joy that went out over the Christian internet that day…it was bizarre. We had just came through the summer months of Lakeland and Todd Bentley, and the same Christians who warned of following false prophets and “just anyone” who claimed to be Christian, were jumping on the Palin bandwagon, sounding as though she was God’s deliverer: and knew nothing about her!

      I was lambasted by Christians here at the blog for saying people needed to take a step back from the automatic Palin-adulation, and wait, watch and pray.

      It does worry me though, her building her network and gaining experience. It is not making her wiser, just more knowledgeable on how to play the game.

      She’s learned very quickly how to play the political game. The lies and manipulation appears to come easy to her.

      Like any false prophet, what makes her such a danger are the crowds which follow her: believing any and everything she says.

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