Dominionism and The Religious Right: The Merger Is Complete

Another informative post from RightWingWatch:

For weeks now I have been writing regular posts on the increasing intersection between the “mainstream” Religious Right and Dominionist prophetic intercessors like Lou Engle, Cindy Jacobs, Rick Joyner and others.

But I have always been careful to note that just because the more “mainstream” leaders have been joining forces with these self-proclaims prophets and apostles, it didn’t mean that they necessarily shared their Dominionist agenda.

But I think it is fair to say that I no longer need to be so careful, as the leaders of the Religious Right have now openly embraced Seven Mountains Dominionist theology…

More with links and video here: The Religious Right: The Merger Is Complete

*(check out the names listed of those aligned with Newt Gingrich’s organization)

3 comments on “Dominionism and The Religious Right: The Merger Is Complete

  1. Pray to Act must have a 2-bit hosting contract. What I’m seeing is a big fat “Bandwidth exceeded” message.

    Yeah, the list of people involved is a real “dog’s breakfast”. In addition to the evangelical right names there are several Roman Catholics. And Chuck Colson, who will (it seems) put his name on anything ecumenical.

  2. Why is it that groups like People for the American Way ‘see’ clearly the problems with mixing religion & politics while so-called prophetic types are blind to it? I find it particularly ironic. I do not advocate everything PFAW also politicizes, but they address the religious right’s agenda & raise the questions it seems the rest of the Church in America does not want to ask. What is up with that? It amazes me how militant sounding Dominionist propaganda is. I would not want to be ruled over by a religious zealot not matter how righteous they are trying to convince others of. The political maneuverings doomed to failure while the reputation of ‘Christians’ & their bullying religion violating almost every gospel tenet. You cannot subjugate a Christless society by governmental restrictions meant to control their sinful urges. What are these Dominionist’s thinking? Do we really want them to be in control?

  3. I don’t know about this dominionism thing. To me, it seems to be a few marginal people with no real power (spiritual or secular) but with great delusions of grandeur.

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