1980: The rise of the Religious Right as a political force

This is both an interesting and informative slice of history. It helps shed light on the uniting of politics and Christianity in America, 30 years ago. It also helps explain the apostasy many of our denominations and individual Churches and/or leaders fell into over time. (If time allows also read the story linked in the article.)

To me, it also marks the time the (American) Evangelical Church began turning from dependence upon God (only), thus denying the power of the Holy Spirit.


EthicsDaily.com’s news analysis story recounts the transformation in American politics emerging from the Religious Roundtable’s National Affairs Briefing in 1980. By nearly all accounts, that event marks the rise of the Religious Right as a political force.

Contributing editor Brian Kaylor provides a who’s who list of Southern Baptist Convention takeover leaders who spoke at the event: W.A. Criswell, Adrian Rogers, then Southern Baptist Convention President Bailey Smith, Charles Stanley, James Robison and Ed McAteer.

The backstory that led up to that moment in Dallas is little known. Among the key early organizers of the Religious Right were Bill Bright, a Presbyterian, and Billy Graham, a Baptist.

See, Religious Right Linked Politics, Conservative Christianity

2 comments on “1980: The rise of the Religious Right as a political force

  1. Hello PJ:

    Please avoid Ethics Daily as a source. They have axes to grind. They are mostly composed of people who were on the losing end of the SBC battles in the 70s and 80s, and as a result spend more time attacking the SBC than trying to reach the lost. It is all about power. The liberals and “moderates” who deny the authority of the Bible lost control of the SBC just when they were about to take it over just as they had done with the other Baptist denominations and the mainline Protestant ones and are furious. They did go and start their own organizations, but their organizations lack the power and prominence of the SBC.

    The fact that they dedicate so much time attacking “conservatives” and “fundamentalists” makes you wonder precisely what they believe in. Their religion appears to consist of not being SBC. Were the SBC to shrivel up and blow away, these people would no longer have any reason for their own existence.

    • Yes, every news source today appears to have an agenda besides presenting the ‘news’.

      I always try to confirm stories or items before posting them. This one (the meetings) i had read about some years back so had no worry posting it. What they didn’t cover, which i had hoped they would, was the deep involvement at the inception of the political religious right of a few other well known names; like that of Tim LaHaye.

      Its an interesting topic to look into. And explains a lot of what we see today.

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