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A PREMATURE baby declared dead by doctors was brought back to life by his mother’s caresses and whispered words of love. Jamie Ogg was born nearly three months early with his twin sister Emily and weighed just 2.2lb. Emily was alive. But doctors at the birth told his parents that Jamie had died after they had spent 20 minutes battling to get him breathing. Then the “miracle” happened.

As the grieving couple, Kate and David, cuddled their “lost” son, saying their fond goodbyes, he started showing signs of life. After two hours of cuddles and kissing he then began to breath regularly and was given drops of breast milk from his mother’s finger.

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  1. It’s the same reaction by many unbelievers these days, even believers no longer believe in the power of God these days. Just the state of the world in which we live. But don’t lose hope, in these last days, the world, as well as the church, are going to see much more of this as we get closer to the end. God is trying his best to save many who will repent and one of the ways he does this is thru miracles and healings.

  2. what do i think? all life is truly a miracle. and medical science not always capable of being 100% accurate when making a formal declaration of death. even science will hedge their technical criteria when saying when a person is really dead. we know that a body is not truly dead at the time of ‘death’. the process of death may be taking place as their is no respiration (measurable) or brain wave activity, but every cell in that body is still alive & will eventually expire as the natural progression of death occurs. so with the newborn infant. and if premature, the physiological processes necessary for life outside the womb not fully functional/developed. what an emotional whiplash though for the parents as we do trust medical staff to be accurate in what they tell us & death is such a final declaration. for whatever reason God had decided a different conclusion for this baby. it does not keep death at bay though as we all know it is the fate of humankind to shed this body of mortality. God is indeed merciful & medical science is indeed limited…

  3. thats how God works…..

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