Bill Yount: In a Vision, I Saw a “Spiritual Sonogram” of a Very Pregnant Church

You may recall a few of Bill Yount’s previous (bizarre) words:

….I sense the Father saying, ‘I will begin to meddle in the candy industry.’ I sense the Lord is going to begin to name some new candy bars. When these are named they will release a prophetic anointing every time the name of the candy is mentioned. These names will have power to call forth life and salvation. I am sure this prophetic candy is bound to have a heavenly taste to it that will be out of this world! People will end up tasting and seeing that the Lord is good! I saw angels anointing candy bar wrappers like God anointing prayer cloths of Apostle Paul. Names on popular candy wrappers will speak prophetically to whomever reads or speaks their names. Candy wrappers will become like anointed prayer cloths throughout the land. Already, God has named a few candy bars in the past, speaking — unknown — to the world. One, I sense, is called the ‘Milky Way’ candy bar…’The heavens declare the Glory of God!’ Another is ‘Symphony’ by Hershey…’Calling forth harmony and unity into the Body of Christ through God’s divine order.’ ….

Concerning clothing, I sense the Lord is redeeming now the name of ‘Levi’s’…a trademark name for denim jeans and trousers. I sense a prophetic anointing is being imparted to this clothing line. The name of these jeans will begin to call forth the ‘spiritual’ Levites this hour who are chosen to assist the Temple priests…the building of God’s House. This line of clothing will be tailor made to fit these ones God will call into His Kingdom! Another popular name I sense being anointed prophetically in the clothing line of jeans is ‘Wrangler.’ A wrangler is one who wrangles. ‘Wrangle’ means to ‘dispute noisily or angrily; to quarrel.’ I sense the Lord anointing ‘wrangler’ clothing to tame the tongues and lasso a new breed of young men and women who will have the ‘tongue of the learned to know how to speak a word to those who are weary.’  (Bill Yount, 2004: “I HEARD THE FATHER SAY…’I AM BEGINNING TO PROPHESY THROUGH COMMERCIALS, CANDY, AND CLOTHING“)

His newest offering is just as bizarre,

I saw in the Spirit a “spiritual sonogram” of a very pregnant church. When there’s a pregnancy you can take a sonogram to see how the pregnancy is coming along. As I was watching this pregnancy come into its final stages, complications were developing. There was great pressure with extended labor pains and frustration in many churches.

A Sonogram Will Show You How Many Babies You Are Going to Have!

The reason why many churches are having a difficult pregnancy in giving birth to what God wants to bring forth is because – there are “TWO IN THE WOMB!” The reason they feel so restricted is because a “DOUBLE BIRTH” is taking place! The Lord is about to give them double for their trouble!

An Unexpected “Double” Answer to Prayer for a Great Harvest!

I sense in the Spirit that many churches have been praying and crying out for a great harvest and unknowingly have conceived in their “spiritual wombs” more than one seed for more than one birth to advance God’s Kingdom. I sense this is a season of “double portion or blessing” – “giving birth to twins” for many churches... (Elijah list)

I can’t bring myself to call the weird things Yount comes out with apostasy, for the simple reason I cannot believe anyone in their right mind takes him seriously.

But, after all these years he’s still spewing forth these bizarre “words” so he must have a group of loyal follower..

(Bill, still awaiting the arrival of the anointed candy bars)


14 comments on “Bill Yount: In a Vision, I Saw a “Spiritual Sonogram” of a Very Pregnant Church

  1. While the content of the Elijah List can be a source of head-scratching bewilderment, the fact that crazy stuff continues to be included & defended the sad epilogue of the entire prophetic-rhetoric debacle. When the prophetic movement in general let every Tom, Dick & Harriet proclaim ‘words’ both spoken & written with no accountability or spiritual test, or even common sense review, it become the silly dog-and-pony show of religious goofiness causing disfavor to more than just the prophetic types & their fan clubs. It opened up the proverbial Pandora’s box of inanity defiling the church & bringing confusion, not clarity to the simple gospel message. The artificial world of prophetic make-believe becoming more bizarre as each word vies to outdo the previous one. Those enamored with such things given over to tickling ears & being bedazzled instead of somber minded. It has passed the mild curiosity & innocuous stages long ago. It is truly a dark deception growing ever darker by the minute. Like the Emperor’s new clothes, the prophetic types constantly spinning new words. Each emptier & with less substance than the previous ones. And these words seem to please their audience that sits in rapt awe waiting to feast upon the spiritual vomit spewed forth by these self-promoted soothsayers. Lord have mercy… 😦

    • Yup, if it weren’t so pathetic, it would be funny. Remember back in the days when we were disturbed by contrived King James English? It certainly hasn’t gotten any more authentic. When will we come to realize that “prophecy” is not manifested in a theatrical performance.

  2. I see a lot of pathetic I mean prophetic words in the mix of some of these candy bars
    100 GRAND Bar
    5th Avenue
    Almond Joy
    Amazin’ Fruit 
    Baby Ruth Bar
    Good &Plenty
    Junior Mints
    Kit Kat
    Milk Duds
    Milky way 
    Mr. Goodbar
    Necco Assorted Wafer
    Payday Bar
    Pix Stix
    Pop Rocks
    Push Pops Twisted
    Quench Gum Raisinets Reeses PBC
    Skittles Snickers Sour Power Starburst Tootsie Roll Twix Whatchamacallit York Mint Zagnut Zero Zots

  3. I wonder when the last time any of these so-called prophets read Ezekiel 44. Letting the “main thing” be the “main thing,” I believe wholeheartedly that the true ministers are called to minister unto the Lord. This kind of gibberish is not even fit for nutbars.

  4. […] To read more of this bizarre collection of ‘visions’, click HERE […]

  5. “When will we come to realize that “prophecy” is not manifested in a theatrical performance…”

    George: as one that did sincerely seek the prophetic giftings & was trained in them because I really wanted to find out for myself what was real & what was hype. Don’t get me wrong, I am a ‘cautious Charismatic’. Yup. I do believe in spiritual giftings that are relevant & active in the & thru saints today. However, I abhor the high-profile, on stage arrangement, Christianese celebrity category that the American church has breed, worshiped, franchised, & exported to the world. That is what we will be judged on in the age to come. But my point is this: my ‘true’ sensitivity to spiritual elements sufficient to know real BS from what is passed off as genuine Holy Spirit workings. NOTE: I am not anti-Charismatic. I am a sincere believer in the appropriateness of Holy Spirit giftings “as He determines”. We have allowed the most garish of religious stupidity to be passed off as genuine Holy Spirit sourced expression (words or manifestations) with no critical litmus test except the loud & emphatic critics from the non-charismatic brethren (thank God for their concern!). I am not going to get on a soapbox pro or con for the legitimacy of giftings no matter how they are championed. But I want to state the obvious abuses & excesses that pass themselves off as the ‘current move of God’ the cause of The Church’s recent bout of spiritual sickness. Not to be crude or disrespecting, but the next ‘move’ of God, when presented this way, it about the best description of a divine bowel movement that can be defined. God simply ready to ‘pass’ this very infection out of His Body & point out just how vile it really is. It is this very condition that continues to cause the nausea & discomfort many saints can identify with, but cannot really identify as the causal organism. The uber-charismatic, prophetic, signs+wonders camp feeding the same tainted teachings causing this great gastronomical distress, but no one able or willing to stand up in their midst & yell, “STOP THE MADNESS!” On the contrary, the crazier & more inane the pronouncements+actions, the more the cry rises up from those claiming to be “the anointed of God” giving their high-5 to the proclaimers & then coming up with their own version of “thus sayeth the Lord…” Why is it the sober minded saints the ones that question such rhetoric & ignored by the ones that want their ears tickled with the newest ‘word’ or questionable manifestation? Lord have mercy… 😦

  6. I am so glad to know I won’t have to give up my wrangler jeans and if I ever want to become a Levite I can just switch brands!

  7. This morning i received a note from Bill Yount, which i’ll pass on:

    Dear PJ

    I would like to confess that years ago with the candy bar prophesy that I agree that it was off the wall. I didn’t then. I would like to ask you and others who read your post to forgive me.

    Bill Yount

    First, i appreciate the fact he responded. What i’d like to do is ask him if he would be willing to discuss here his beliefs on the topic of prophecy with us.

  8. Hmmm…interesting that there was a response about the candy bar ‘word’. I do not think that any of your readers can offer any form of forgiveness though. I do not think the offense is to those that think such pronouncements are goofy, but the offense is in using the Name of the Lord God as the One ‘speaking’ thru these people that couch their utterances as coming from the Throne of God. The presumption & supposed authority+accuracy something that must be repented of, but not because the ‘word’ was absurd. It is because it is a blatant misrepresentation of the Holy Spirit & His true giftings in & thru the saints. I am a bit puzzled at what Bill is trying to accomplish in his response to you…

  9. Bill is asking for forgiveness for missing the mark. Let’s forgive. However, we have the right to test words. I personally have become so cynical over the prophetic movement, which I used to be a big part of, that my ears have closed. So many in the movement have gone the way of Cain. But if Bill repented, praise God. In my early days as a Christian I probably gave some erroneous words myself. We must forgive yet hold one another accountable in love.

    • discouragedbythemadness: I have a similar background. I see the problem in the entire manner which the prophetic types attempt to forthtell things supposedly of God. It is very easy to keep God out of it & not make it out to be something more than it is. Claiming to ‘hear’ God or ‘see’ visions or have divinely sourced dreams a way to exalt the utterance & inflate the ‘specialness’ of the proclaimer. Some prophetic-rhetoric I have heard would be something you would roll your eyes about & think the person saying such stuff attempting to be funny. In any other setting it would be something you would tease that person about & get a good laugh. However, the stuff is then ascribed to God Himself! Yikes! That is where the prophetic movement has lost all credibility & gone the way of Cain, Balaam & Korah (Jude). It has become a center stage circus promotion replete with celebrities & their stooges, fan clubs, trinkets, talismans, charms, books, videos, seminars, impartations, teachings, do-dads, etc. No real discernment. No internal policing of the excesses & obvious misrepresentation of the Holy Spirit & His way of working in & thru the saints. Exiting the prophetic-rhetoric & simply being sensitive to Holy Spirit prompting, but without the “thus sayeth the Lord” grandiose seal of authentication, is the wise thing to do. Sounds like you made the right choice in leaving all the babel behind & simply focus on the simplicity of the gospel in action & being sensitive to the least of these you encounter on your journey. Blessings…

  10. I believe in the gifts of the Spirit. However, I think in charismatic churches most people are missing it, giving false words. Now, some of these people need to be rebuked. Others are just trying to hear from God and be obedient. As for Bill, he gave a public prophecy and missed it. For myself, I have to drag myself to church. I am so burnt out on church, false words, tithing, the exaltation of ministers, mega church madness, feeling worthless as a little one in Christ, that I feel so much more at peace at home and not in any church. I’m just plain tired of the circus, the games, the rich pastors, the flock that idolizes pastors, the hypocrisy. Churches are places where you should be yourself, yet in reality I would feel more at home in a bar. People in bars accept you. I could go on but I’m really beat down by church, the American church.

  11. Joseph, thanks for that post. It was a blessing. I too believe the prophetic movement has become a moneychanger’s table.

  12. I believe that most of us here can agree that there is a place for AUTHENTIC prophecy, that exalts God and NOT the prophet, in the church. I am very much with Joseph on that. My personal observation is that genuine prophecy is usually not recognized as prophecy because genuine New Testament prophecy, like genuine Old Testament prophecy, is usually offensive. It usually tells us things we would rather not know. It is often only recognized as prophecy years later when the hearers have a clearer vision. The reality is that we need MORE prophecy in the church, but we need the kind that chastens rather than the fraud that entertains. Unfortunately, despite Mr Yount’s welcome apology, the kind that remains dominant in the church today remains, in fact, the kind that entertains. And with the church in the condition it is in today, it is most likely that any real prophets would be chased out of the church before they could get more than a few words out. Indeed, Lord have mercy!

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