Peace On Earth?

“Regretfully, this scenario is being played out by certain members of the church. Peace on Earth is being sought by political means believed to be both scriptural and spiritual. ‘God’s bid for peace in the world will be won through political conquests by the church.’ For this belief to exist within the church means something is very wrong – someone is prophesying or teaching falsehood. Any prophet or teacher that either prophecies or uses Scripture to point others to a peaceful reign on earth without the physical presence of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, is false and needs to be corrected, rebuked and if need be – exposed!”  (Travers van der Merwe -1935-1995)

[Ed. Note: Traverse van der Merwe was the founder of Discernment Ministries over two decades ago. His story can be found HERE. Recently, while cleaning out some old boxes, Jewel Grewe discovered this notation on a scrap of paper in Travers’s handwriting. It seemed a fitting quote to run at the close of the year.]


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8 comments on “Peace On Earth?

  1. Very good quote. It irks me when I hear “Christians” running for government with the intention of changing things for the kingdom of God. Scripture please? This is not what God commanded. We are to preach Christ crucified to the nations, not political platforms.

    • Right On…I agree and support what you are saying. I, too, am tired of the whole “we’ll pray it my way” to get it done…when God has already made provision for everything by way of the cross.

  2. Well, anyone who comes into the church for any purpose other than going to heaven is suspect to falling for stuff like this. Especially when they take avoiding the lake of fire as a light thing, a thing to be trifled with. Whenever people start taking their eternal fates for granted, like doing your homework, turning it in to your teacher, and then forgetting about it (because it wasn’t that hard and doesn’t count much towards your grade anyway, and your teacher told you that it wasn’t going to be on the final exam), then you become susceptible to falling for pretty much anything.

  3. Think not that I came to send peace but a sword … Matthew 10:34-39. Blew my mind when I first read that …

  4. How many churches today preach unity and “getting along” from the rooftops? Truth divides, hurts, stings and heals, preserves and adds flavour…wait a minute, that’s salt! Has the church lost her Saviour…I mean savour?

    The world is full of offenses, offenses will come, our Lord forewarned us of that, now they are here. Don’t stop being light and salt, don’t stop speaking the truth. But with truth there must come God’s timing, sensitivity and love. Not the kind of love that clamps your mouth shut and let’s your brother live in his habitual sin, but love that prays and seeks advice from God and others. But love will always look out for your brothers best interests.

  5. The Chinese church has a saying that fits this subject: “Life is a bridge, you don’t build houses on bridges.”

  6. I agree revivalandreformation……and the Chinese church does not recognise one iota of western Christianity, which bears no resemblance whatsoever to the ‘sufferings of Christ’.

  7. Amen sister. Leonard Ravenhill said, “If Christ were here today, He wouldn’t cleanse the temple, He’d cleanse the pulpit.”

    The pulpit along with its deacons and elders need to be raked over the coals and brought to utter and complete brokenness. I am as well embarrassed to be part of the church of Jesus today because it is in fact an embarrassment to a holy God.

    The church better wake up here on earth, or they will find themselves waking up in hell.

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