Cindy Jacobs has an explanation for the dead birds…

This, from the same Cindy Jacobs (of Generals International) who traveled to Wall street in 08 with her fellow dominionists and “layed hands” on the bull statue (A Picture of Idolatry…)

Well, there’s something interesting we have been watching – let’s talk about this Arkansas pattern and say, could it be a pattern? We’re going to watch and see. But the blackbirds fell to the ground in Beebe, Arkansas, well the Governor of Arkansas’ name is Beebe. And also, there was something put out of Arkansas called Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell by a former Governor, this was proposed, Bill Clinton. As so, could there be a connection between this passage [Hosea 4] and now that we’ve had the repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell where people now legally in the United States have broken restraints with the Scripture because the Scripture says in Romans 1 that homosexuality is not allowed. It could be because we have said it’s okay for people who commit these kinds of acts to be recognized in our military for the first time in our history, there is a potential that there is something that actually happened in the land where a hundred thousand drum fish died and also where these birds just fell out of the air. (link and video)

While I don’t pretend to have an answer or know the cause for the dead birds in Arkansas, one thing I’m ‘pretty sure’ of is the repeal of DADT within the United States Military is probably not the cause. For if we believe it is, then we would be forced to also believe the instances of these same type of things occurring in Australia, Italy, New Zealand, the UK, and Vietnam, is the direct result of a decision made by the United States.

Like all dominionists, Jacobs has tunnel version


8 comments on “Cindy Jacobs has an explanation for the dead birds…

  1. The thing is, a click on your link does offer various naturally occurring hypotheses for each of the bird & fish deaths. And even a layman like me who grew up in the mid-Atlantic region near the Chesapeake Bay has seen a massive fish kill or two (from the occasional ‘red tide’ and such). What were those? God’s practice runs? And BTW – Someone needs to let Ms. Jacobs know how God meant adultery as syncretism in HOSEA, as well as that book’s ultimate message of the undying love, grace and mercy of God toward unfaithful Israel (as well as His divine judgement to come). Jacobs’ rather blatant eisegeses of one of my favorite books in the Bible reveals her lack of basic reading comprehension let alone prophetic discernment.

    My last question is this: do Ms. Jacobs and the entire GI crew really view the world and it’s natural phenomena (however ghastly or troubling) through a charismatic theopolitical prism or is this just a con to keep the rubes whipped up (and generous)? I mean, I know posts (and other websites) like this are perhaps an attempt to answer that but if there is a shorthand version, I’d love to get up to speed. I can’t imagine a more exhausting way to live one’s life than the way the NAR folks represent ‘christian living’…

    • My last question is this: do Ms. Jacobs and the entire GI crew really view the world and it’s natural phenomena (however ghastly or troubling) through a charismatic theopolitical prism or is this just a con to keep the rubes whipped up (and generous)?

      That’s something i’ve wondered about also.

  2. One of the famed NAR-ites start it and the rest will chime in, monkey see, money do. It happens with every natural disaster. The scary part in this is they all believe they are right.

    Yes KL, it is extremely exhausting! One of the many clues that got my attention something was up with the prophetic movement.

    It seems I read somewhere that to discern prophetically from the events or formation of the earth is witchcraft. There is another name for it, but it escapes my tired mind…

  3. If you can read something into natural phenomena of any kind and use numerology as in the Tucson shootings, how can those who chase after prophecy debunk tea leaves, palm reading, and chicken innards? Just asking…

  4. Louise, I’ve had it explained by John Paul Jackson that psychics have the same gift as those who are prophetic. The difference is that they have not recognized that is it God who has given them their gifts! So, he, and those he trains up like Barbie Breathitt and Doug Addison, don’t believe psychics are doing anything wrong because they don’t know the difference yet. They will actually take dream interpretation and prophetic teams out to psychic/new age fairs, including Burning Man and set up booths alongside them. Most of the time they don’t even talk about God, much less the need for Jesus and salvation. It’s all about the gift!

    • Hello!
      I do not really know who you are or who stands behind this website – I just came across it through an internet search about John Paul Jackson. I do agree with what you have written and have seen other “ministries” do the same. It is terrible. These people have no understanding of Who is the Holy Spirit. There is an eternity of difference between psychic phenomena and the work of God. Due to a local situation with people becoming deceived by such a JPJ I really need to know more facts about him and sources of information and wisdom to know what to do with it! I would be happy to hear more. Thank you!

    • Hi Anne, i just saw your comment so forgive the delay in getting back to you. Sometimes a comment will be misdirected and end up in the spam or trash folder.

      Yes i agree, there is a vast difference between psychic phenomena and the work of God. God’s work is initiated by the Holy Spirit…psychic phenomena is not. Watchman Nee wrote a chapter in one of his books addressing what he perceived as the differences. I’m not saying he was 100% correct in his beliefs on the topic, but it is interesting.

      Chapter 2 — The Christian and Psychic Force

      I also found an interesting post at m’kayla’s korner on John Paul Jackson…you might want to check it out:

      Invisible Friends?

  5. Cough…Splutter…..I can barely believe what you’ve written is true Mkayla, but I DO believe it because it’s you.
    That said my one word comment is………. UNBELIEVABLE!

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