“Sometimes when I pray this way –bam! I’ll have the money…”

Some things never change…


The angels do God’s bidding (Ps. 103:20). When the Father wants to command blessings, often it is the angelic messengers who are sent out to help us get our inheritance. The Bible assures us in Philippians 4:19 that god will supply all our needs “according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” When I need a financial breakthrough, I don’t just pray and ask God for it; I also petition the Father to release the angels that are assigned to finances. “Father, give me the angels that are assigned to get me money,” I’ll say.

Do you know why it’s important to pray like this? Because the devil wants to cut off our cash flow and block our finances. He wants to do whatever he can to hinder the blessing and provision tat God has for us. Sometimes praying about it isn’t good enough because we need to overcome in heaven where the angels and demons are actually fighting. We must push back the demonic forces, so sometimes we need to say: “Father, let those legions of angels assigned to release financial breakthrough come to the earth right now and loose the devil from the money assigned to me. I call in that money in the name of Jesus.”

Sometimes when I pray this way –bam! I’ll have the money I need within a few days. Yes, I get financial breakthrough because god is my source. If man doesn’t have it for me, God does. Yet the devil is trying to keep it from me. Even though God heard me on the first day, the devil wants to delay it as long as he can. But I’ve got to get the angels involved through prayer. “C’mon God, let those angels come and help fulfill Your word. You promised me the blessing of the Lord that makes one rich an that You add no sorrow with it” (Prov. 10:22).

I was at a meeting in Atlanta when someone saw two angels walk into the service and pour oil on the pastor. She saw gold in the oil and knew there was financial breakthrough coming. That night two people wrote the pastor checks for sixteen and seventeen thousand dollars. Others also wrote checks for thousands of dollars to Fresh Fire for our missions work. Gold appeared on people’s hands and faces, and many experienced great financial blessing within twenty-four hours. The day after this angelic visitation, one gentleman had millions of dollars released to him. He’d waited almost ten years for this breakthrough. This financial release came because financial angels visited. Can you imagine?

Todd Bentley,

Angelic Functions: Releasing Finances

16 comments on ““Sometimes when I pray this way –bam! I’ll have the money…”

  1. What a load of trash. I’m surprised that you didn’t highlight “Sometimes praying about it isn’t good enough because we need to overcome in heaven where the angels and demons are actually fighting”. What?? Where in the Bible does it say we need to overcome in heaven? And, most importantly, are angels and demons fighting in heaven? That latter idea seems totally unbiblical to me – demons in heaven!! Todd remains seriously off the rails.

  2. Todd don’t forget the part where you ask your followers to sow their $1000 miracle golddust seed to help God out

  3. Todd you forgot to note that you sell instructional DVDs that give 6 easy steps on out of body travel, how to host a golddust party, how to have a revivalist and prophetic traveling show of your own and set up a pyramid scheme for a ministry covering and BAM tee shirt promotional items.

  4. Is this a recent “after the fall of Todd” teaching?

  5. Nothings changed….. apart from his wife.

  6. he’s a lying thief

  7. i need to say it again, he’s a lying thief

  8. well its sad to say it but im affraid i half to agree with u all!!!allthow i liked the idea on praying and bam the money falls into my lap!

    • Yes stella it would be nice if all we had to do was pray and “bam!” the money would fall from the sky. 🙂

      But we know that doesn’t happen..

  9. Please pray for me in Jesus name i need a financial breakthrough,i lost everything with my back against the wall

  10. My husband and I are going through a ruff time of struggle and I have to keep on oraying to our GOD. We need money and we know that GOD can release his angels down to bring us a financial bless soon. I believe that he is going to give it
    to us so that we can move into our new home. GOD IS the only one can make everything alright with us. I Thank you in advance for what you are about to do for your children.

  11. God does allow miracles to happen! Give this man’s testimony to the greatness of God’s word, and that nothing is to hard for our God,!

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