“The church in America continues to bring water buckets to a fire…..”

Rick Frueh has written a very good piece; one which is surely needed as we gear up to watch the coming political circus. 


This weekend saw a gathering of evangelical leaders and presidential hopefuls. The men and women were “courting” the religious right in hopes of eliciting their votes next year. The main issues were abortion, gay marriage, national security, and the economy. I completely understand the entire political procession and all the temporal accoutrements that accompany such spectacles. Humanism demands the abilities and power of man, usually leveraged by force, or in this case, the gathering of numerical supremacy. That is exactly what the humanistic Greeks thought when they instituted democracy.

But what I cannot understand is why people who know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and who profess to believe He is the only way to eternal life, can engage is such temporal things and in so doing mask the gospel with moral ornaments and political dominance. The church in America continues to bring water buckets to a fire without realizing that the homeowner needs a new heart….

What shall it profit a man if he is on the right side of all the moral issues but loses his own soul?

Read the rest at Following Judah’s Lion, A Form of Great Compromise 

3 comments on ““The church in America continues to bring water buckets to a fire…..”

  1. Will the Christian people wake up, get honest, and see that institutional Christianity has been and is the backbone to the present tyranny. A religion is recreated called Christianity that is an instrument of state-ism or that which is diametrically in opposition to “The Way”. The religious people just keep killing Him, every time He comes. I think the next time He comes it may proceed differently.

  2. A revealing example of Rick’s post; A Form of Great Compromise

    quotes taken from; Religious Conservatives Cheer Trump at Conference, June 6th 2011

    As speakers blared the O’Jays song “For the Love of Money,” a triumphant Donald Trump waltzed up the stairs and waved to the cheering crowd.

    “Money, money, money, money, money,” declares the song, which is the theme music for Trump’s “The Apprentice” TV show.

    As he approached the podium, the twice-divorced businessman who built multiple casinos found himself the star at a gathering of conservative Christian activists from around the nation.

    Founded by former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed, the second conference of the Faith & Freedom Coalition (FFC) drew about 1,000 people to hear various Republican presidential hopefuls, Republican congressional leaders and conservative political activists.

    Yet, the chief draw for the event appeared to be Trump. For the last several weeks, Trump received top billing on the organization’s website as it promoted the event. Organizers said ticket sales for the event skyrocketed after he was added to the lineup.

    Between the VIP gathering, top billing and thunderous applause during standing ovations for his speech, it quickly became clear that Trump was the star of the Faith & Freedom Conference.

    During the speech, Trump reiterated his belief that the United States should seize oil profits from Iraq to pay for the war. Trump’s plundering proposal, which included a choice four-letter word, garnered strong approval from the audience.

    As he left the private VIP event and signed baseballs for autograph-hunters hoping to sell them on eBay, Trump answered a few questions from reporters about a presidential run.

    Trump said, again, that he would have won both the primary and the general election. He also said, without explanation, that he would have garnered the support of conservative evangelical Christians.

    Trump even took time during his speech to declare that U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) was lying in saying the lewd photo posted on his Twitter account did not come from him.

    “Of course it was his picture, take a look at those skinny legs,” Trump said to laughter and applause.

    Trump’s reference to the controversy was just one of several as numerous speakers at the event took time out of speaking about “faith and freedom” to make Weiner jokes.

    Although Perkins enjoyed mocking Weiner for allegedly sending the photo, Perkins previously supported Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) for re-election even after a scandal involving prostitutes.

    As Trump’s popularity at the FFC conference suggests, being Republican – rather than faithful – seemed to be the prerequisite for the event that included dozens of Republican politicians among the speakers.

    Trump’s star power and harsh attacks on Obama seemed to allow many of the conservative evangelicals at the event to overlook his past moral failings.

    S.E. Cupp, a conservative author who writes for Glenn Beck’s website, introduced Trump as “a father, a husband, a patriot and a proud American” and noted his many business enterprises without mentioning casinos. She also called him “an ardent defender” of “freedom, faith, family.”

    “As conservatives, we have to appreciate someone like Donald Trump and his values, and be grateful that we have him on our side in whatever capacity we can get him,” Cupp added

    Trump was followed by political strategist and Fox News commentator Dick Morris. He was introduced by Reed, who in 1996 worked for the Christian Coalition as Morris worked for President Bill Clinton.

    Reed did not say anything about Morris having to leave the Clinton re-election campaign in 1996 after being caught with a prostitute.

    Reed, who is seeking a political resurrection with the Faith & Freedom Coalition, left the Christian Coalition in 1997 to launch his own political consulting and lobbyist career.

    Reed lost his bid to be the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor in Georgia in 2006 after the Jack Abramoff lobbying and fundraising scandal erupted.

    Emails showed that Reed accepted secret, laundered payments from Indian casinos to help Abramoff lobby against efforts to start competing gambling ventures. Abramoff spent more than three years in prison for masterminding the effort.

    Southern Baptist Convention Ethics and Religious Liberty head Richard Land, who spoke at the FFC event and attended the private VIP meeting with Trump, defended Reed in a recent CNN story.

    “Most evangelicals who know about it, view Ralph as a victim and that he was victimized by Abramoff like so many others,” said Land in the article shortly after bragging about how politically smart Reed is. “Conservatives don’t have any problem with people making money.”

    As the sound of “money, money, money, money, money” once again filled the room, Trump shook hands with Reed and left the stage to yet another standing ovation.

    Instead of calling themselves the “Faith” & Freedom Coalition, a more appropriate name would be the “Shameless” Coalition of Christian “Poseurs”.

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