Fellow Christians: Educate yourself about the New Apostolic Reformation

Three years ago I watched many of my fellow Christians jump blindly on the Sarah Palin bandwagon based solely upon the belief she was a Christian. It was quite a shock, to put it mildly, to log on line the morning after she was introduced at the Republican convention and see the sheer number of Christian bloggers (and on-line ministries) who were already promoting her on their websites. It quickly became apparent these brothers and sisters knew no more about her (except her claim to be Christian) then I did. But that didn’t stop them from blindly “buying a pig in a poke”. It wasn’t until later it became known that Sarah Palin had close ties to members of the New Apostolic Reformation and had their backing.

Now in 2011, we are in a same but some-what different position my friends. Different in that we know now the NAR is at least backing & promoting one candidate in order to further their dominionist agenda by  laying claim to the ‘mountain of government.’ That candidate is Rick Perry.

Already I’m reading on a number of Christian blogs/boards/ and forums today, in which Christians in the face of knowing beforehand Perry is being backed by C. Peter Wagner and his New Apostolic Reformation/Joel’s Army/false Apostle-Prophet posse, an eager willingness to support him. And brethren, its one thing to be ignorant of truth and another to willfully ignore it once you’ve been made aware it. We will be held accountable for what we know.

In my opinion God is being merciful, for He sees our lack of discernment & has left no doubt this time around as to what (and who) we will be aligning with if we jump on the Perry/NAR bandwagon: Heresy, false Prophets/Apostles and teachers, and the unbiblical false doctrines of dominionism.

A few links…

Disinformation and Misinformation – Becoming Educated About the New Apostolic Reformation 

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10 comments on “Fellow Christians: Educate yourself about the New Apostolic Reformation

  1. Just noticed the ability to comment on this post was off…sorry if anyone tried to leave a comment and couldn’t. I never disallow others to put their 2-cents in. 🙂

  2. thought it was unusual!
    here’s another link

  3. Thanks for all the good info. We need to know these things. Much appreciated.


    • Hi Cathy… hope you and Bill are doing well. 🙂

      I agree, we do need to know. This is sure not the time to stick our heads in he sand.

  4. Taking this slightly off topic, but out of interest, how is this movement going to affect the largely dispensational position held in America?

    From what I’ve read here (and forgive if I’m wrong), this dominion theology seems to hold to a different eschatology than dispensationalism or premillenialism, rather than expecting rapture etc, it looks to ‘Christian Power’ to bring Christ’s return.

    In light of that, I see this having a huge effect on US foreign policy, in particular for Israel. If the Left Behind mentality is taken over by dominion theology within congress, then will Israel continue to receive funding, support in the UN from the US and so on?

    Given what’s occurring in the Middle East and with Palestine lobbying for recognition as a state by the UN, Israel’s protests and this movement gathering ground all seems very interesting times are ahead.

    • Steve, I am really not sure that people think through their theology to that degree. I certainly know people who are died in the wool dispensationalists, pretrib/premill by training, who now are looking around and having doubts that Jesus is going to rescue them in time. So now they are *very* attracted to the dominionist approach as a sort of insurance policy against “persecution” (mainly in the form of rampant socialism and crushing taxation). They are convinced that part of all of this will be an attack on their faith in Jesus and they are very fearful over it all. Like a cornered dog, they are ready to fight and the NAR solution is just the ticket for these people. The fact that a successful NAR solution is not even posttrib, but actually very postmill theologically is more than they can get their heads around. This whole thing is being driven by emotion more than rational thought. Most of these people don’t even know who NAR is, but they are listening to Glenn Beck and all the other birds of a feather and they *know* that Palin, Perry, Bachman, and others on the political scene are “Christians” and they see that all as their lifeboat to escape imminent tribulation and replace it with something of a postmillenial Christian utopia. That fact that the whole thing is a movement cobbled together with pagan libertarians and big money corporate operatives doesn’t get through to them. They are running from the Antichrist straight into his arms. Its weird and its not happening because these people are theologically settled and astute.

    • Thats an interesting question Steve.

      According to an article written by Rachel Tabachnick,

      Millions in the Pentecostal/Charismatic sector of Christianity are now actively involved in spiritual warfare networks, prayer marches, long term fasting, around the clock prayer vigils, and organized campaigns like “Reclaiming the Seven Mountains of Culture” to take control over society and government. These seven mountains are government, education, arts and entertainment, media, family, religion, and business.

      Many pastors across the Pentecostal/Charismatic spectrum have rejected the pre-Tribulation Rapture and embraced these campaigns for dominion. Youth across the country are being trained to be warriors, much like the Tribulation Force of the Left Behind series.

      In 1994, Frederick Clarkson, author of Eternal Hostility, the Struggle between Theocracy and Democracy and co-founder of Talk2action.org, wrote the following,

      “Since 1980 much of Pentecostalism has begun to adopt aspects of Reconstructionism or dominion theology. This is not an accident.

      Reconstructionists have sought to graft their theology onto the experientially oriented, and often theologically amorphous, Pentecostal and charismatic religious traditions. Following a 1987 Reconstuctionist/Pentecostal theological meeting, Joseph Morecroft exclaimed: “God is blending Presbyterian theology with charismatic zeal into a force that cannot be stopped.!”

      Hal Lindsey, well known Dispensational author of “The Late Great Planet Earth,” and a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, published a less known book in 1989 titled ‘The Road to the Holocaust.’ The book had the subtitle “Unchecked the Dominion Theology movement among Christians could lead us – and Israel – to disaster.”

      Lindsey, who was clearly disturbed by the growth of Dominionism, describes the process through which Reconstructionist leaders made their breakthrough with Charismatic leaders,

      To everyone’s amazement (including the Reconstructionist’s), they have become the `intellectual shepherds’ of the Charismatic leaders… But when Gary North and the Reconstructionists won some converts among the Charismatics, they saw a new dynamic for spreading their doctrine – one that already possessed a vast means of mass-media communication. Yet, as we will see, the Charismatics and Reconstructionists are strange bedfellows indeed.”

      Christian Zionists like Hal Lindsey had long abandoned the purer form of Darby’s classical Dispensationalism, and were already working to advance the eschatological clock through religious and political activism. However, Lindsey and North both understood the implications of the changes to activism if Dominionist theology could supplant Dispensationalism on a much larger scale. These Christian warriors would no longer be constrained by having to wait for a future Rapture. The battle against evil to bring about the millennial utopia would not wait for divine intervention, but be initiated by human hands – an army of Christian warriors bringing about the Kingdom, now.

      more here

  5. Talk about ‘winds of doctrine’. Wow……….

  6. Sorry, didn’t have time for much of a reply in my last post.

    Thanks George and PJ. It seems that despite premillenial and NAR trains of thought are at complete theological odds with one another, both share common traits.

    1: To treat the word of God like fortune cookies and bend one’s life to whatever verse that be tenuously applied or, more commonly misapplied to one’s current circumstances, and

    2: What seems to be a willful ignorance of studying scripture, preferring instead to be spoon fed distortions from ‘gurus’.

    My big concern in all this aside from the US implications (and hopefully not to derail) is that Israel, despite having a (but I don’t believe a Divine) right to exist as a nation, hasn’t been able to mature due to the US support support it has received.

    It’s kind of like a kid in a schoolyard who knows that the school bully has ‘got his back’. America has raised a spoiled retard and now will turn it’s back on it due to another ‘wind of doctrine’.

    What happens when people who have bent their theology to believe there will be an postmillenial mass conversions in Israel realise that Israeli’s view attempts to convert them to Christianity as antisemitic? Will another wind of doctrine then blow that takes Israel out of their eschatology completely? Will congressmen finally call a spade a spade and repudiate Israel’s behaviour without fear of a backlash from their constituents? Will US funding stop? Will US support in the UN stop?

    From what we’re reading over this side of the pond, Obama is going to be a one term president and that leaves the door wide open for Perry or Bachmann. As the article that PJ posted, Hal Lindsay sees Dominionism being a potential disaster for Israel if US support withers and I sadly tend to agree.

    Most ironic of all, this all fits very well with premillenial theology. I’m sure Lindsey, La Haye and Hagee will have plenty to say on this.

    As i say, I’m across the pond and don’t keep that close an eye on US politics, please tell me if I’m off the mark here…..

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