Televangelist World: TBN & CBN

Just a couple items I found interesting.. 

This morning on facebook Jackie Alnor reported on TBN’s live coverage of Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Courage” event in Caesarea Israel,

7PM – Special programming from Caesarea with Glen Beck, Matthew & Laurie Crouch, John Hagee and David Barton:

“Just watched the TBN airing of the Glenn Beck “Restoring Courage” event in Caesarea, Israel that is going on all week. There was a lot of real cheese in the rat trap. This inter-faith religious event is to assure the Israeli government that we back them no matter what. You might try to watch it on TBN’s archives when it posts or at gbtv.com”

TBN, Glenn Beck, John Hagee and David Barton; Heretical birds flocking together. 

 I see TBN is planning to air Beck’s ‘event’ in Jerusalem as well,

Glenn Beck – Restoring Courage: The Courage to Stand (Jerusalem Event) Special programming from Jerusalem with Glenn Beck, Matthew & Laurie Crouch, Jon Voight and Dudu Fisher. Program Schedule: Special show times: Wed 8/31 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM Thu 9/1 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

RWW is reporting that  CBN’s Pat Robertson has identified the antichrist,

This week The 700 Club is hosting a series about the End Times, and host Pat Robertson says he has identified the Antichrist: Islam. Robertson, a fierce critic of Islam who has likened Muslims to Nazis, told co-host Terry Meeuwsen during today’s program that Islam is the Antichrist which will usher in the end of the world. Recently, Robertson has been regularly warning of a treacherous alliance of radical Muslims, progressives and the media that he contends is seeking to destroy America and Christianity

Ever notice the terms America & Christianity are always synonymous when used by many folks? I get the impression they actually believe without an America, as they perceive it being, Christianity would disappear from the face of the earth.



5 comments on “Televangelist World: TBN & CBN

  1. Terrific post Pj. It exposes the misconceptions of fanatical dispensationalist.

  2. “Who could believe this? How could the whole tale be worthily told? How Rome [America] has fought within her own bosom not for glory, but for preservation – nay, how she has not even fought, but with gold and all her precious things has ransomed her life…”

    St Jerome or Glen Beck? Can’t tell anymore

  3. “Ever notice the terms America & Christianity are always synonymous when used by many folks? I get the impression they actually believe without an America, as they perceive it being, Christianity would disappear from the face of the earth…”

    I heard John Hagee say that America would collapse when the Christians were raptured…and the economy would then fail. To the TBN crowd, America is ZION…and an integral part of the Salvation of Israel. America and God and prosperity are all Constitutional, are they not?

    I have to be honest. I’m going to miss those 20 inch Raquel Welch pompadour wigs, and 4 inch eyelashes that Jan Crouch wears.and those bright yellow-purple chiffon Ball room dresses she dons. She’s a walking Easter Egg Queen strait out of the Wizard of Oz….surreal is not nearly a strong enough word…. pom-pom alien.other-worldiness……? Indeed, she is the fairy god-mother of all that is Pentecostal.

    I went to Glen Becks site and realized that this whole Crusade in Caesarea was simply a “FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL.” $$ to watch, but $$ necessary to join the Glenn Beck club to watch.., and then the ads everywhere wanting your cash….Beck is pulling down the bucks ….and his strategy is to knock down another twenty-million or so on the next two books he writes on Israel’s struggle, and that little ole Mormon Savior powerhouse.! P—uuuugh….smells of lucre in there. So, I opted out.

    I’m not interested any more. There’s too much hype…too much disingenousiousness for my blood…too much acting going on. Rah!

    Where is the meek and lowly Lamb of God in this circus? Never got there to begin with.

    • Forget that. what is worst is Glen Beck follows a fifteen century prophet Joseph SMith Mormon Founder who declared the bible to be a half truth and added the book of Mormon along with an angel Moroni with Golden Tablets and another Plan of Salvation yet TBN gave legitimacy to him and muddy the water with contamination of confusion.
      Mormonism is not another Christian denomination and anyone who tries to say it is is a big liar. You will never see a cross over their Mormon Tabernacle because they have another plan of salvation. Where are the watchman on the wall? Where is the discernment in the body of Christ? Shame for shame.

  4. Mormonism has a different plan of salvation which is the reason you will never see a Cross over a Mormon Church. Shame on TBN for being unequally yoked with a completely different gospel than the one in Christianity. Look up these two religions they are not even close to having the same essentials neither is Mormonism a Christian denomination. When apostasy Kings worshiped other gods the whole nation suffered. TBN grand daughter has come out against her grandparents allegedly for
    misappropriating funds. Maybe the Lord will take back his network and give it to another and send them packing the way Queen Vashti went packing and Esther became Queen by the will of God.

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