Beck Warns Audience They May “Pay The Ultimate Price” If They Follow Him

If I recall correctly Mormons believe man can become a god. Looks like Beck’s well on his way to achieving “deity-hood” as he exhibits what I believe is a messiah-complex in this clip below… 

Clip from Glenn Beck’s August 24 “Restoring Courage” event in Jerusalem


9 comments on “Beck Warns Audience They May “Pay The Ultimate Price” If They Follow Him

  1. Messiah complex suits him to a ‘t’. Well said PJ.

  2. This is one Beck statement that I think we can all agree with

  3. He sure does see himself a prophet. I think he sees himself as some sort of Cicero. The most amusing thing was I didn’t realize I had music playing and when he started picking up his rhetoric, I heard ‘Gladiator’-esque music playing and I thought it was apart of the video.

    I can see why people line up in throngs to follow/listen to him, you don’t get the flashes of oratory much anymore.

  4. This is a strategy of every cult leader given to solidify the disciple’s commitment to the cause unto death. The Jehovah Witness’s, the Mormon’s too..[ where Beck probably got the vibe..]…all the way through to the Branch Davidians, and Koresh….who would easily sacrifice their lives for their faith…however perverted..

    The fact that there IS so much oppostion is used to twist the faith of the devoted into the persecution mode, and then the endurance mode…which then is sold as the devils sword upon us. Who wants to submit unto the Devil? “We will die, first!”. They are “THE CHOSEN ONES!”….I will pay the price!

    This will attract people, believe it or not. Then, the disciples you have at your disposal will be much more apt to give all…earthly treasure and devotion ..as a duty before that day of redemption comes. Jim Jones and the Jonestown massacre proved how far people would go [ 914 souls, over 270 children included..] to make the grade as the true chosen people, sealed in their own blood.

    I like Beck, [ knowing he is firstly an actor, entertainer.] and some of his assessments are indeed brilliant…..but, he has become a victim of his own P. R.. He’s losing it with this righteous Zionest/American “Cause” mentality, and I fear that he is more than serious…and now, his rhetoric does indeed appear to have morphed into a true cult mentality…..Abba-Ben-Beck!..??…[ our right and honorable martyr..]….getting weird!

  5. 2 Thessalonians 2;11 For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion………

  6. I used to listen to Beck on the radio beginning right after the Sept. 11th. tragedy. At that time I wanted to hear every bit of news I could. I wasn’t a Christian then and the more I listened to Beck ( and a couple of others) the more hate-filled, I became. He would get so bent out of shape and would at times get frustrated with a caller and scream, “get off my phone!”. He purported to be a Christian back then. I’m not sure what he is purporting to be now but Sylvia, I think, has it right. The problem is, it will be a delusion he will spread to others. Pray!.

  7. “The ultimate price” — death, or eternal eschatological wrath?

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