Move Over Tim LaHaye

 Ah yes, just what we need, another author and his own speculative Last Days series of novels not based on the bible.

New “Islamic Anti-Christ” Novel Series on the Way  

Joel Richardson has good news for those who think that what the world needs is more novels about how current events are a sign of the Last Days:

THE JIHAD’S MESSIAH (JIHAD SERIES BOOK I) In a future when world power has shifted to the Middle East, and the Arab nations have signed a seven-year peace treaty with Israel, a radical Iraqi leader-known as Al-Mahdi, “the Awaited One” -rises to power promising to convert the world to Islam…

(More at link above)

2 comments on “Move Over Tim LaHaye

  1. Oh joy! Another know nothing written by a know nothing author! Just what we need. And people get mad at me when I don’t join in on the latest fads in church.

  2. And Richard Bartholomew is right, if the Lord tarries,

    Doubtless in a few years we’ll be reading similarly mangled Bible prophecies about a Chinese anti-Christ.


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