Christian crusaders cash in: Jay Sekulow’s family, firm collect millions

Interesting article at the Tennessean



4 comments on “Christian crusaders cash in: Jay Sekulow’s family, firm collect millions

  1. As much as I disagree with these people on many issues, I find it hard to question their integrity. I do think that the way they have structured their organization is unwise in that it lacks transparency and invites suspicion. However, they have done a lot of good work in defending the religious freedoms of people who would otherwise be defenseless and I think we need to be careful not to criticize them too harshly. I don’t see a whole lot of evidence that Mr Selulow and his family are living extravagantly off of their donors like Jim Bakker or other scandalous examples. But I do think that he would be wise to bring at least some outsiders aboard for the sake of credibility.

  2. Well why not. It’s what his buddy Pat Robertson has been doing for a long time.

  3. First of all it should be noted that Sekulow is a Christian Reconstructionist which puts him at least in the same league as the NAR nuts.

    As far as living extravagantly, he owns three homes and take what is described as a modest salary from his law firm which of course he is not required to disclose. The problem is that the charities for which he solicits donations has paid his law firm millions. Even if his salary is “modest” as the owner of the law firm he has control of the assets and profits from the monetary success of the firm.

    At the very least he needs to get some people other than family members on the board and show a little more transparency in his personal finances.

    • Steve, I think you are making an excellent point here that this is not only about money in the Jim Bakker sense, but also about money in terms of the power and influence it conveys. All of this ties right back into the whole dominionist agenda which people like Sekulow are supporting enthusiastically on the side. And, of course, that side of the equation is not really going to be helped much by outside people on the board. In some ways this whole thing is really illustrative of our political process these days where hidden money pulls all the levers and the electorate is left clueless to a large degree.

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