Cindy Jacobs: ‘The Response’ Broke The Curse Of Native American Cannibals

 O’ for goodness sakes! Do these folks ever stop? 

From RWW

As we’ve been reporting, self-proclaimed prophet Cindy Jacobs has dedicated her show God Knows to discussing how lands are cursed by sins like abortion, adultery and homosexuality, calling on Christians to literally take control over the weather and reverse the curse. In the fourth part of the series, Jacobs claims that lands are cursed with violence because they were previously inhabited by Native Americans who “did blood sacrifice” and “were cannibals and they ate people.”

This concept of curses left by Native Americans has a large foothold in the New Apostolic Reformation, and today Bruce Wilson reported that NAR figures Chuck Pierce, John Benefiel, Tom Schlueter and Jay Swallow recently participated in an event in Texas that involved “smashing of Native American art objects” in order to “divorce and tear down the principalities of Baal, Asherah and Leviathan.” Like Benefiel and Swallow, Jacobs was an official endorser of The Response.

Fortunately, Jacobs maintains, Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s The Response prayer rally in Houston broke the curse and “the land is starting to rejoice, you see, because of that prayer.” ( See article for corresponding links)


11 comments on “Cindy Jacobs: ‘The Response’ Broke The Curse Of Native American Cannibals

  1. After a while , when to exercise this kind of Faith. that YOU are responsible for “breaking the curse”, you enter into the cruel realm of practicing witchcraft. Amos 8 speaks of the One who turns the shadow of death “into Morning”…which is at the heart of breaking the Curse. His name is not Cindy, nor is He a member of the NAR.

    8. “Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into the morning, and maketh the day dark with night: that calleth for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: The LORD is his name!”

    9 “That strengtheneth the spoiled against the strong, so that the spoiled shall come against the fortress. “…

    It is God alone who has the power to Crush the National curse. There is no breaking of the curse without National repentance; IE, if you continue in your sin, you will die. It is foolishness to repent of the past sins of anybody. They are already judged, or forgiven, If this is the case, why don’t we turn these folks loose on Sodom and Gommorah…and change history.

    Maybe the Castro in SanFrancisco would dissolve, and a neo-Christian NFL type of society would spring up!…or repent of Jeremiah’s Jerusalem, and Israel would really become holy, and have no need for Jesus and His Blood to begin with?

    The NAR and affiliates, have set themselves up as the Prophetic Priest Class…and just as the people believed that Roman Catholic Priest was the only one who really had the power to turn that wafer into real flesh, and that wine into real substantial blood…[ that’s magic substantiation…wah-lah! ]..so they are the only ones to remove the curse from the land, by means of their superior power and anointing….. Ooooooh!

    The sick thing is that they believe their own convoluted deception. Look deep into this woman’s eyes…Cindy Jacobs…and imagine them when she wakes up in Hell..in awful torment. She was cast there as a deceiver of “MY PEOPLE”…and there will be no one on Earth who can pray her out, or break that curse…….unless she repents unto the Lord today.

    But;…I’m sure she’s paid well.

  2. It’s a wonder that anybody ever gets saved with all these curses hovering around.

  3. So she claims the curse is broken and the land is rejoicing. Well I live in Texas and we are still experiencing severe drought and today the DFW will set a new record for days over 100 (70 days over 100 degrees this summer). The forecast calls for a cool down later this week with the possibility of rain so I suppose she can take credit for that.

  4. I won’t even go into the corruption in her views but two historical errors:

    1) What Native tribes ever cannibalized? Scalping does not count. Where is she getting this?

    2) And if there was to be a curse for evil done upon the land, it would be for the actions of her ancestors in driving so many of the tribesman into oblivion and locking them away in ‘reservations’. While I’m mostly Germanic descent, I have a little Cherokee in me and that’s enough for my dad to sneer every time he hears anything good about Andrew Jackson.

    Maybe Ms. Jacobs would know more if she read truth instead of propaganda, but why would she want to face that? Christ, the Light and Truth, is quite frightening for those who love lies and darkness.

    • Cal, there is no evidence im aware of concerning Native American cannibalism. The Aztecs are a different matter. Apparently evidence say’s they did practice it.

      The Sioux considered cannibalism a sin, the Cree considered it a mental illness, the Algonquin and Ojibwe considered it a sign of possession by an evil spirit. In almost all cases, American Indian cannibals–just like European or American cannibals–were put to death as soon as they were discovered. Link

  5. Steve, be patient now, They go where the spirit leads them! As so as it is comfortable for them to come to your area they will. They have weathermen standing by to give them the weather reports. Rest assured that when they get there they will do a full discovery of what it was and why and report it from the cool of the day, refreshed with iced tea the rejoicing spirit has finally gotten to your neck of the woods!

    Woods, didn’t the fires burn up all the woods in Texas? 🙂

    I know, that was just plain naughty, huh? 😦

  6. Amen Thomas Watkins! where will it end!??

  7. Ok, so the past indigenous culture was murderous, what about the current culture? No need for repentance of current sins, meaning OUR sins. Just repent of past cultural sins (by proxy) and we can all skip around and sin all we want and there will be rejoicing and wealth and happy glitter parties.

    All cultures based on the human, sinful, nature are/will be murderous. No matter when or where they exist.

    Her statement of how the past cultures (which were also misrepresented, love the ‘uh-hum’ the host so quickly gives as if it’s common knowledge the native peoples in that area were cannibals) manifest in the churches cannibalizing each other was beyond ludicrous.

    But this is the story line of the NAR breed of spiritual warfare. They see life, history, and the scriptures as one big allegory where everything has a spiritual significance that they can work into their meetings and conferences and rituals.

    Actually this is good. Some of the other big names in these circles are much more subtle and come across oh-so-intelligent, but the end result of this kind of thinking gets easier to see when it gets this preposterous. Hopefully someone’s eyes will be opened.

  8. Mr Watkins said “repent of Jeremiah’s Jerusalem, and Israel would really become holy, and have no need for Jesus and His Blood to begin with?”

    I hope readers who believe these NAR teachers stuff can see this. If we are to follow this thinking to it’s end it becomes the NAR Back to the Future machine.

    The same is taught on the individual level. That one must go back into their ancestry and figure out who ‘opened the door to a curse.’ Maybe grandpa was a Mason, or Great Aunt Betty used a ouija board… and that’s why we’re having trouble saying ‘no’ to sin.

    If that’s the way it works, just go all the way back to Adam and Eve (they are our ancestors after all), break the curse of their disobedience with some declarations and shouts and POOF! no need of a Saviour anymore.

    I am being a bit acidic here, but if anyone reading this has been deceived by this kind of teaching, maybe they can see how un-gospel it really is. It undermines the amazing and glorious gift of salvation that came to us through the astounding sacrifice of the Lord Jesus. And it denies our own personal guilt before a Holy God.

  9. well, since sinners continue to sin, there’s always a curse. cindy is a sister so love her but rebuke and be careful.

  10. man,

    I know Michael and Cindy Jacobs. I don’t know them intimately, just that we used to meet together every year in Washington D.C. for a few years in a row to pray during the week that led up to the National Day of Prayer there, going into the White House and into the houses of Congress; and we have been to other functions around the country, together, too.

    I don’t think what you suggest is possible. Here’s why:

    Ecc 4:13 Better was a poor and wise youth than an old and foolish king who no longer knew how to take advice.

    They have been slowly led down the road they are on, as the Generals of Intercession and being in the ministry, that they have made for themselves, a long time, now and being old and foolish, like the king mentioned in Ecc 4:13, I am not sure they would take any advice. I refer you to the latest article posted by P.J. and the Nigerian Pastor’s wisdom and insights about counterfeit currency and all the good a fake $500.00 nira note does when buying bread and rice or put into the offering plate in a church, before it ends up in the bank to be scrutinized by those who can detect the counterfeit from the real; and toads sitting on toad stools!

    I do agree, though, perchance you are able to land a firm Holy Spirit rebuke, do it carefully!

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