Let’s Go Home – Trevor Baker Concert

From a boy on his daddy’s farm to a Christian singer/songwriter, Trevor shares his love for God through his down-to earth “new country” sound and inspiring lyrics. Stressing that his ministry is non-denominational, and not limited to Christian venues only, he also plays at fairs, festivals, schools and prisons. Many who would never darken a church door identify with Trevor’s music and lyrics. His soft voice and gentle manner complement his message of hope and encouragement.

Trevor has done well over 1,400 concerts in his 11 years of full time ministry. Previously to that there were several years of part time ministry; which included singing on street corners. God; in His own unique way, has placed Trevor on many stages. Feeling undeserving of such opportunities he has shared his message with many people of influence; including the Prime Minister of Canada. Trevor has also sang in the United States at David Wilkerson’s Times Square Church in New York City twice.

With much of the present Church age running after every wind and wave of doctrine, most of the songs that God has given him are calling the Church back to repentance.

Although he has won awards he finds that many times they only get in the way of the message “There are many things in life that are uncertain”, he states. “I grew up thinking that God was one of them.” Trevor admits openly that he was searching for some meaning in life. He didn’t like the angry young man that he was and felt that his life had no direction. During this time of crisis, Trevor says that he met a ‘genuine, simple kinda’ preacher” in a little church who introduced him to Jesus Christ; the only One that could give him peace and direction.

Presently living in Tuxford Saskatchewan with his wife Jennifer, Trevor takes time to reflect. “I now know that true happiness comes from knowing God and trusting in His plan for my life and family. I intend to sing songs for Him and Him alone; that I might bring the message of the Gospel to so many who are searching for Truth and stability in this old world.” (link)


3 comments on “Let’s Go Home – Trevor Baker Concert

  1. Wowsy wow! Truly a man of my own heart here. He is the real deal and truth oozes from him.
    Thank you Jesus for this ‘minister of song’ and thank you pj for finding it (or letting it find you, whatever the case may be) 😉

    • Amen, i sensed in my spirit i was listening to the real-deal too Sylvia. It was such a blessing…

      It grieves me we don’t have more opportunities like this very often. But, God is good! For just when we begin to believe we may never hear the word spoken from a humble and contrite spirit again, God shows us there is still a remnant holding the line.

      Praise the name of the Lord sister!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting this concert link, and for the Spurgeon quote on the page.
    I came to Christ out of New Age “Christianity”.
    The stuff I once heard channeled through mediums is now being preached from pulpits all across America.

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