C. Peter Wagner

C. Peter Wagner, head of the New Apostolic Reformation, who has been so controversial in the news lately due to his Dominion teachings, was interviewed by Terry Gross on Monday (10-3-11) for National Public Radio’s “Fresh Air” program.

Article, audio, and summary can all be found at Herescope

Below is one of Wagner’s more bizarre statements;

“…we believe that Jesus is at the right hand of God, the Father – whom heaven must receive until the times of the restoration of all things. And so what we believe is that God has sent us out to restore things to see his kingdom come, his will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. And then when that happens enough, Jesus will return, and he will return to very strong world, reflecting the kingdom of God, and not to a miserable world like much of our world is today”


6 comments on “C. Peter Wagner

  1. The key of his failure to see the LORD is in this:

    “And then when that happens enough”

    Enough? Ahh yes, here it is, the reflection of the man’s soul. Chief of the moralizers are the religious right in this country, they set up floppy standards so we can grab a swath of the majority into the cultural prison, the blasphemy, known as christendom. Let the masses be blind, as long as they follow our little moralisms. What nonsense is this? Where is any of this in the Gospel?

  2. Ah so many bizarre statements – so little time!
    here’s another:
    speaking of higher ranking demons (where did he get that from!) he says:
    … and its not as easy as commanding them in the Name of Jesus…
    his new apostolic reformation sounds more like a form of catholicism with his apostles, prophets and prayer warriors the only ones with the magic powers to prophesy and dispel demons.

    • Ah so many bizarre statements – so little time!

      ahaha! true…

      his new apostolic reformation sounds more like a form of catholicism with his apostles, prophets and prayer warriors the only ones with the magic powers to prophesy and dispel demons.

      Yes i agree. In the warped thinking of Wagner (and his followers) they have been given a special anointing that we poor peons don’t possess. 🙂

  3. Cal, its not found in any bible i’ve ever read.

    If we believe Wagner, the “when” of Jesus’ return is solely determined upon the success of dominionists taking (“enough”) control of the ‘7 mountains’ of culture.

    I have one word for that nonsense; HOGWASH!

  4. He knows what he’s selling. Does his listeners know?

  5. C. Peter Wagner, and Jim Goll just came to Jerusalem…and as usual, over-played their hand…..with outrageous statements about their exalted authority, and presenting to Jesus a conquered Earth.

    They taught that there is No Millennium…No Rapture….NO RAPTURE!…[ EITHER PRE-TRIB, OR POST TRIB ]….That we the Church will dominate all other religions and all of the 7 mountains of worldly society…..And blew out even the newest of starry eyed babes in Christ here.. HALLELUJAH! Their ministry brings Jesus back..!

    They are so arrogant…and deceived, that they seem to think that whatever they say is so true, that everyone must see it.

    Simply put, God has turned them over to STRONG delusion….and they believe their own P.R………to the degree of the ranting fool. They believe that they HAVE BECOME the Word of God by their apt anointing…..and that the Word of God is under them…….and everyone can see that the king has no clothes…..

    They have become known as the court jesters and village madmen by most Israeli Messianic believers….even most of the emergent Toronto-IHOP ones….

    They destiny is not to rule and reign here….but to wallow in the lake of fire forever…and I pity the weakest one who has fell under their manipulating spell. They have their reward…and have probably made quite a bit of cash peddling their wicked charade …they better enjoy it while they can.

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