Does your own personal Angel have the face of a cat?

O My 

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7 comments on “Does your own personal Angel have the face of a cat?

  1. Hello PJ and gang…I am near Jerusalem now, out again…and No!…my personal angel does NOT have the face of a cat…but in 1996 I was on an Evangelistic tour of Southern India, and stayed in a remote village there. There was a courtyard, and in the midst there was the ruling demon prince of the family, or area??who knows?

    It was a massive White cat, 8 or 9 feet tall, standing on its back legs, and beautifully painted. It was on a pedestal….where folks could come and offer food, money, flowers and the like, and be rewarded later if the cat was cool about it.. A cat-demon Priest would come by and collect too, and minister to the people….[ kinda like Benny Hinn now that I think about it…]

    On a serious note…The Lord revealed to me a Holy Angel who may have been connected to me somehow. I was in a very basic country Church in the nineties, and as hymns were sung, he appeared to me, in the midst of worship. He was as tall as me, but I focused on his face. He was stunningly beautiful, but male. He appeared to be about 30, but had the purity and holy look of a infant…with total joy about him. His lips were slightly pursed , with a joyful smile..ever so subtle. His complexion was the color of silver, gold, and copper…shaded to perfection…but skin…not metal.

    He was filled with love, and Peace. His eyes were violet, unearthly beautiful, and bright. His hair was golden, and flowed to the back of his neck, about 2 or 3 inches below..and full…somewhat flowing curls…but masculine.

    He just looked at me, with approval, for a few seconds. He did not speak, and left…disappeared. I will never forget him.

    I never liked cats much. Why don’t these people ever have swine angels…or dog angels? It would fit their character more…I think.

    • Hi Tom! Keep us posted on your trip if possible… 🙂

      On a serious note…The Lord revealed to me a Holy Angel who may have been connected to me somehow……He was filled with love, and Peace

      Amen. Peace and love.

      Both instances in which an Angel of the Lord comforted me, i was aware it was the same one on both occasions.

      And no, he didn’t have a cat’s face. 🙂

      Your account sounds a lot like my Mom’s experience. Her encounter occurred in the ICU after her heart attack.

  2. Hey Thomas [ “kinda like Benny Hinn now that I think about it…”] That really did make me laugh out loud, thanks my friend 🙂

    I am hoping to visit Jerusalem/Israel next Spring, so would also love to hear about your trip please.

    About angels: When I was confined to bed some years ago and feeling worried about things, I saw several angels surrounding my bed for about 20 seconds. Wow, my worries ceased and praises filled my mouth. I was (and still am) certain that God visibly revealed his protection of me at that time and I will NEVER forget their serenity and beauty.,,,,and no, not one cats face among them…..totally inappropriate….. even though I actually love pussy cats ;).

  3. I had a vision of this angel and would like to tell a vision and share it with everyone

  4. While I don’t have an angel with the face of a cat, I DO have a cat with the face of an angel! 🙂

  5. Hey phil 4:8
    so do I

    my husband has just said that what we actually have a cat that thinks its God!!

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