“It will be the Night of Long Knives…” Glenn Beck, still nuts…

This guy’s rhetoric never changes..

Glenn Beck made several gruesome predictions about where the Occupy Wall Street movement is headed. Speaking on his radio show Monday, Beck made his already-crystal-clear disdain for the protests, which have spread across the U.S…

Beck then made the first of his dark analogies. Saying that the only thing that could control the movement would be a forceful crushing from “the top,” he added,

“It will be the Night of Long Knives. It will be a purging of this country.”

This was a seeming reference to the political murders carried out by the Nazis in 1934. Beck then turned to “capitalists,” and here his warning was even starker and more graphic:

“Capitalists, if you think that you can play footsies with these people, you’re wrong. They will come for you and drag you into the streets and kill you…they’re Marxist radicals…these guys are worse than Robespierre from the French Revolution…they’ll kill everybody.”

Glenn Beck: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Will ‘Kill Everybody’ (VIDEO)


6 comments on ““It will be the Night of Long Knives…” Glenn Beck, still nuts…

  1. But the Tea Party was a good expression of democratic values, the will of the people rising up against tyranny, taking a stand for the foundations of this country!

    And yet I see signs quoting Jefferson, “The Tree of Liberty is refreshed by the blood of patriots and tyrants…it is it’s natural manure”.

    Yeah Right…

  2. People who are mentally unstable say strange things. And these days they not only allow them to be out on the street, but we make folk heroes out of them as well. As I heard somewhere recently, guys like Glenn Beck are really just entertainers disguised as consummate experts on all things political. And people do choose very strange things for entertainment.

    • People who are mentally unstable say strange things. And these days they not only allow them to be out on the street, but we make folk heroes out of them as well.

      George, im astounded that any Christian still gives serious heed to Beck’s “prophetic” fear-mongering. But many do…

      Yesterday i noticed at facebook, one of my friends who runs a pretty well known discernment website supports Beck, and passes along his ‘predictions’. To say i was astounded is putting it mildly ūüė¶

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  4. It is comments like the ones Beck makes that has caused some of history;s most heinous crimes against humanity. It is very sad that people who call themselves Christians listen to such garbage.

  5. Christians, as a whole, get the “innocent as doves” part right in that we tend to believe anything if it’s wrapped in the “right” language. When will we get the “wise as serpents” part right? I’m thinking these Beck types are a test, a winnowing, and we are not up to the test.

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