God Stopped Saving People in May, Family Radio Says

Family Radio, the platform Harold Camping uses to publish and promote his refuted Bible teachings, informed the world when its general manager and chairman’s May 21 doomsday prediction was a “physical” failure, that God actually used that much-publicized event “to warn the whole world that on May 21 [His] salvation program would be finished on that day.”

According to Camping and Family Radio, from May 21 until now, the whole world has been “under God’s judgment.” Everyone, except for the elect, or “true believers” (those who agree with Camping’s teachings), has been hanging under God’s wrath, which will unfold on Oct. 21.

God was only trying to shake up the world when He “hid” His actual plans from Camping, Family Radio purports in a document published on its website titled “What Happened on May 21?”

Although observers and critics agree that what happened on May 21 was Camping actually proving himself once more to be a poor student of the Bible, the California broadcaster insists that he still had it right, but that God had not been very forthcoming with sharing His judgment plans.

The Family Radio document claims that, to get the world’s attention, “God withheld from the true believers the way in which two phrases were to be understood. Had He not done so, the world would never have been shaken in fear as it was.”

The two phrases Family Radio refers to are “the completion of God’s salvation program” and “God’s final judgment.”

The unsaved were not plunged into hell and believers raptured on May 21 because Camping and Family Radio did not understand what God was doing. Now that they do, unbelievers will enter into eternal punishment and believers into eternal bliss on Oct. 21 – because God has finally opened up the Scripture a little more for Camping.

On May 21, “each and every true believer had become eternally safe with God in Heaven” and “no one who had not become saved by that date can ever become saved.” 

Instead of a “horrible destruction” of the unsaved, as previously explained, unrepentant sinners can now expect to go “quietly” into eternal damnation, according to a September audio message from Camping. Camping has revealed that he now believes “that all of our unsaved loved ones will not receive special vengeance of God at all. … We must believe that probably there will be no pain suffered by anyone because of their rebellion against God.”

The 90-year-old California broadcaster added that he found it comforting that the unsaved will “quietly die.”

If Camping and Family Radio and their supporters hand not “warned” the world of God’s impending doom, more people would not have been saved by May 21. Those who came to belief in Jesus Christ after May 21, however, are out of God’s good graces, according to Camping.

The period of salvation is over, so any new believers with genuine faith in Jesus Christ are essentially damned, based on Family Radio’s explanation. 

Harold Camping Oct. 21 Rapture: God Stopped Saving People in May, Family Radio Says

Words fail me…. 


4 comments on “God Stopped Saving People in May, Family Radio Says

  1. This is exactly the same kind of clean up the Jehovah’s Witnesses did when all their predictions failed. Very sad.

    • And thus a false prophet who refuses to simply repent goes on to create a whole heretical theology in an attempt to cover his tracks. And here it is the 23d of Oct and we are all still here. Family Radio’s website is obviously still working on their “What happened on October 21?” article. Stand by for more heresy.

    • I read something interesting today:

      Reached by telephone on Thursday, network spokesman Tom Evans declined to comment on Camping or his prophecies, except to say that he had “retired” as a radio host but remained chairman of the board of Family Stations Inc. (Radio prophet gone from airwaves on new Judgment Day eve)

      Some years back a guy who helped out on a Christian forum i worked on, made a similar prediction…and if im correct it was to occur in October as well. (Rapture, etc). Those who believed him were spiritually devastated when the day came and went and they were still here. Its something i’ve never forgotten. The one thing both Camping and others who date-set never do, at least as far as i know, is ask to be forgiven by those who had their faith shipwrecked nor to they 100% own up to being wrong. Camping didn’t, he just changed dates! This guy on the forum just went on like nothing happened, not saying a word.

      I always found that odd.

    • When you have a seared conscience who just loves to roll around in the money made from false prophecies and like the flesh entertained by gnostic absurdities, bathing in secret knowledge like wine, becoming drunk the longer one remains soaking, what else do you expect?

      Camping may be wracked by shame, or the man may be sitting on a beach in the Caribbean, my guess the latter.

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