‘Let’s play cowboys and Iranians’

A poster on the wall of a barbecue restaurant depicting a hanging Iranian has sparked outrage and accusations of racism. The sepia picture in Nonmacher’s Bar-B-Q in Katy, Texas shows armed men surrounding the hanged man and includes the caption: ‘Let’s play cowboys and Iranians.’

See Story and Poster

Favorite quote,

“…the poster was simply meant to be humorous”

I apologize up-front if any Texans are offended, but I have to say you guys seem to have more then your share of nuts…   


2 comments on “‘Let’s play cowboys and Iranians’

  1. That kind of macho-esque caricature has infiltrated the church as well. Listen to Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill in Seattle, and you may well hear things that align themselves with the spirit of that cartoon.

    Very sad…

  2. Ah, yes.

    Those funny, funny lynching jokes.

    What is wrong with these people?

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