An Undercover Muslim Attends TheCall Detroit

This is a fascinating read. 

I’m the one they’re after. I’m “the enemy,” the believer in the “false idol,” “the darkness” Jesus needs to cast out of America, the reason they’re spending all night in Detroit’s Ford Field, sending prayers over Michigan mosques “like sending special forces into Afghanistan.” And there are thousands of them, come because Pastor Lou Engle asked them to.

Founder of TheCall, Engle warns that an Islamic movement is rising in Dearborn, Michigan—“Ground Zero” for America’s spiritual future..When I heard the goals for TheCall Detroit—healing America in a time of crisis, accomplishing racial reconciliation, and (here’s where I come in) bringing Jesus to Muslim hearts—I figured a Muslim in the crowd could be a nice twist.

I’d observe firsthand what goes on at a gathering like this. I’d try to understand how such Christians understand Islam. Lou Engle’s world is alien from my New England roots and New York life. I’d attended churches before, but nothing like this. We need to know where this fear and hate come from, what its intentions are, and who it appeals to.

But as the day approached, Engle’s connections to a network of right-wing activists and political Christians came into focus. From the involvement of US Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin, to a Michigan Call coordinator named Rick Warzywak (who believes that Christians should “go back and occupy or take back the land” of American Muslims), to a particularly weird twist on the theme of racial reconciliation (involving sending Detroit’s African-American Muslims, or ex-Muslims, to the Middle East), it was clear that this might be an uncomfortable assignment.

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9 comments on “An Undercover Muslim Attends TheCall Detroit

  1. From my personal experience with Lou Engle, he is a liar and a deceiver. He is one of the most arrogant and prideful individuals that I have ever met. There is no love or compassion coming from this man, only haughty self-righteousness and disdain for everyone else who does not agree with his lies. Also, for those who may want to know, none of his so-called prohecies ever came to pass…..just more lies and a whole bunch of excuses for why they did not happen (and never will).

  2. “Unfortunately for Kamal [ a Muslim convert speaking at Engle’s event.”, there is
    only one Messiah in Islam, and it’s Jesus..!…

    “Unfortunately for the supposed former Muslim,..[ this Kamal..] nobody taught Kamal that a Muslims who does not honor Jesus is by the consensus of every school in Islam not a Muslim.”
    “Unfortunately for the supposed former Muslim, nobody taught Kamal that a Muslim who does not honor Jesus is by the consensus of every school in Islam not a Muslim.”…Haroon Moghul

    I pasted this directly from the article. This is a very well written piece, brilliantly written in a most homey style as to the hypocrisy and anti-Christian political nature of Lou Engle’s, the CALL.

  3. The problem I have with Moghul is that he also is a liar. The Messiah of Islam is NOT Jesus…it is the coming 12th Immam, who will establish a full Islamic Rule on the Earth, and at it’s root, we see the Muslim Brotherhood, and Jihad as it’s instrument. This means SUBMISSION…and ISA, the Muslim name of Jesus..is a prophet OK, but just a guy. GOD HAD NO SON!..is written in their religion of submission, and Jihad is an entrance to Heaven….and murder of the infidels IS a rite of passage. [ 9-11?]
    Though this fellow may come off like a Redwing Hockey fan; baptist/Islamo Uncle Buck…just trying to live in a peaceful America, he is not…and what we’r
    witnessing is the classic strawman logic; because Lou Engle has twisted views
    on Islam, [and Christianity..]….

  4. and thatThe real Muslim world is that we all just get along, The worship of Jesus is forbidden in Isalm, and converts are routinely put to death. This is the Muslim Jesus at work, and Maroon, the author, uses the eccentricities and distortions of Engle’s bizzare Dominionist Gospel to assert this point, and it is a nefarious lie.

    I have been alone around dedicated Muslims, in India, and their hatred for me was overwhelming. I was committed to a hotel, and escaped at 3am with my life…as the Immam and his troups had targeted me. This is not paranoia, and if you don’t believe me, travel to an Islamic controlled area, where the laws of the land are trumped by Sharia, The infidel must repent or die.

  5. Saying this, the Gospel and the love of God must, and will be preached to the Muslim, in power and in Love; not the Kundalini filled distortions of the Call. This does not preclude the Truth in that Islam is a lying false path to the Father. It is a path to Eternal death….BUT…we are called to love them as Jesus does. There is no Salvation in her, outside of Jesus as Lord..

  6. “Those many thousands who were clearly lied to on Saturday morning will find out. “Perhaps not immediately. But eventually. And then they’ll begin to wonder what else was a lie.”
    Be careful, Lou Engle.”….. [ the author.in his salutation. ]

    And here is the veiled threat…the terror threat that is very intimadating, given Islam’s many murders of those who expose them, or preach another gospel.

    This proves the author’s real heart, and real intent, and his own hypocrisy aimed at an infidel. BE CAREFUL!”…You have blasphemed our god, and you must die.type of threat; the black Heart of True Islamic discipleship.

    Kinda spooky, I think; both this guy, and the Call. We are in the last days…with the anti-christ and the great falling away barreling down the hill side by side. Faith up y brothers, and Love Jesus with all of your heart to endure what is soon coming upon us.


  7. Tom, im sorry u had trouble posting (having to break it up, etc). I tried to put it together but ran into a problem. 😦

    I found this first hand account from one who doesn’t know Jesus as Lord and Saviour, really interesting. Especially in light of the so-called spiritual warfare Engle and his group publicly practice against Muslims. The key word being “publicly”.

    He and all of these folks (Engle) appear to “love” being seen and putting on a public spectacle. I believe the devil must sit back and laugh at their show(s), knowing this will never bring ONE LOST SOUL out of his kingdom and into the Kingdom of light.

    And here is the veiled threat…

    Tom, i never took it as that type of threat at all, but one which was based on the author’s belief that people, after realizing what a phony Engle’s “ex” Muslim (Kamal) is they would begin to wonder what else Engle had lied about. We have to understand when reading this it is coming from someone who apparently believes his religion is the correct one (Islam).

    Its a tragedy that Engle did not just preach Jesus, salvation, and the Kingdom of God. This man might have left there a ‘new man’.

    Let us pray daily for all ministers that they may be true successors of Peter and his brethren, that they may preach the same full and free Gospel which they preached, and live the same holy lives which they lived. These are the only ministers who will ever prove successful fishermen… all true and faithful preachers of the Gospel have a right to believe that their labor shall not prove in vain. They may often preach the Word with many tears, and see no result of their labor. But God’s word shall not return void. (Isaiah. 55:11.) The last day shall show that no work for God was ever thrown away. Every faithful fisherman shall find his Master’s words made good – “You shall catch men.” (J.C. Ryle)

  8. Moghul is typical in what I see in America. He is typical American religionist. Muslim is his favorite flavor of ice cream. If he had interest in really coming through the Koran he would not listen to its commands and make them all metaphors. There are plenty of priests, pastors, imams and rabbis out there who’s living is to serve up a good hearty serving of humanism, patriotism and moralism. All about the American ideal (of which that is even disputed between the loons of conservative and liberal).

    All men have fallen short of the glory of God, only God could cover our sins and heal us in Himself. Moses did not succeed, he died and was buried. So was David. They awaited the promise. The philosophers Confucius, Siddhartha Gautama, Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus, Xeno. No they all died searching for the truth. Napoleon, Alexander, Charlemagne, Caesar, Muhammad. They all died in the midst of overcoming their enemies

    Only One has said He is the Resurrection, the hope of the World to Come. Only One has said He is “the Life, the Truth and the Way; no one sees the Father [of all Heavenly Lights] but through me”. Only One has said “There will be many troubles in this world. But take Heart! For I have overcome the world”.

    Son of Man, have mercy on us all.

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