FRC’s Tony Perkins: Christians Who Voted for Obama Should Repent

If you receive the daily emails sent out by FRC’s Tony Perkins like I do, then you know how hypocritical his call for others to repent truly is. Like his claims in this article, his emails are filled with fear mongering, distortions, half-truths, and at times out-right lies. And all perpetrated for political reasons, 

“Any Christian that voted for Obama in 2008 should be repenting [and voting differently] in the next election. This administration has been the most hostile toward religious freedom.”

I’m in agreement with Kato Mivule of  Yesu Mulungi ministry,

Perkins, Dobson, Focus on the Family should be the first to repent for all their politicizing (of) the Church, bigotry, hate speech, and (the) misrepresenting of Jesus Christ… If Obama voters have a speck in their eye, PerkinsDobson, Focus on the Family have logs in their eyes…

Sorry Tony, not all of us are drinking the poison anymore. We’ve stopped being “puppets for politicians”.


2 comments on “FRC’s Tony Perkins: Christians Who Voted for Obama Should Repent

  1. Obama has become the church’s excuse, and a diversion for examining our own sins. Voting is meaningless, and in fact, democracy has become an idol and a stumblingblock.

    “Perkins, Dobson, Focus on the Family should be the first to repent for all their politicizing (of) the Church, bigotry, hate speech, and (the) misrepresenting of Jesus Christ”


  2. When it comes to the secular agenda, bullying is alive and well in the church. When it comes to the spiritual agenda, its “I’m OK, your OK”. What a testimony for the church today. People in the church are judged, not by their allegiance to Christ, but by their allegiance to a political agenda. Is this apostasy or what? Does it really matter whether or not it is the “right” political agenda? There are things about Barak Obama that seriously trouble me. But there are things about the other side that trouble me more. But that is an inherently political decision that each individual must prayerfully make, based on a wide array of issues, not just a narrow selection of conservative “Christian” hot button topics. Conservative Christians are fighting for some important causes such as parental rights, most of which I am VERY supportive of. But then they get off into stupid areas like “American exceptionalness”, capitalist myopia, socialist phobias, theocratic utopian dreams, rewriting of American history, and a whole lot more nonsense that just has nothing at all to do with the Gospel of Christ. I am really convinced that abortion is out of control in our society and is a curse on our nation, but the church cannot fight that in the political realm. The church could do a lot more to fight it in the moral realm if they hadn’t compromised their credibility with their aggressive political activism. Its the same political activism that has destroyed the credibility of the liberal churches that can be counted on to lend across the board support to Democrat candidates AND causes no matter how corrupt and un-Christ like they might be. Both wings of the church have, in fact, abandoned their prophetic role in society and exchanged it for a cheap partisanism that exchanges the gospel for civil religion and the hope of theocratic power and an earthly Jerusalem.

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