Evangelicals Flocking Toward Newt Gingrich

Surprised? I’m not. (HT

Like many evangelicals in Iowa, Steve Deace, an influential conservative radio host, is wrestling with the possibility that Newt Gingrich may be the most viable standard bearer for family-values voters in the next election. It’s a conundrum, he says, that many others are also grappling with. “Maybe the guy in the race that would make the best president is on his third marriage,” he says. “How do we reconcile that?”

One senses him trying. “I see a lot of parallels between King David and Newt Gingrich, two extraordinary men gifted by God, whose lives include very high highs and very low lows,” Deace says. David, after all, committed adultery with the ravishing Bathsheba, then had her husband killed, among other transgressions. The Bible makes room for complicated, morally compromised heroes. Now Christian conservatives, desperate for an alternative to Mitt Romney, are learning to do so as well.

“Under normal circumstances, Gingrich would have some real problems with the social-conservative community,” says Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council. “But these aren’t normal circumstances.” 

After all, it’s not just that Gingrich is on his third marriage. He famously divorced his first wife while she was suffering from cancer—a cancer he’d previously used to garner sympathy in campaign speeches. He cheated on his second wife with congressional aide Callista Bisek, now his third wife, while leading the impeachment battle against Bill Clinton. Like Sen. Larry Craig, he of the attempted airport-bathroom tryst, Gingrich’s personal life has become a liberal punchline, proof of Republican hypocrisy on family values. How can voters whose main priority is the restoration of the traditional family rally around him?

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7 comments on “Evangelicals Flocking Toward Newt Gingrich

  1. And Ron Paul who has been consistantly pro life and out about his faith, is shunned by evangelicals because of his antiwar stance and some of his liberterian ideas. I’m sorry for injecting some personal bias but we get what we deserve when we vote for those who seek power for its on sake and not to be a servant to the elect. My brother has lived in Paul’s district for years and tells me he has always stayed true to his what he believes. Rare indeed.

  2. This statement should cause Christians to see through the hypocrisy of the self proclaimed “conservative Christian-family-values” groups;

    “Newt Gingrich may be the most viable standard bearer for family-values voters in the next election”

    But apparently it doesn’t.

  3. Christian author Constance Cumbey;

    Germany once put somebody in office that bragged that if one repeated a lie often enough and loud enough, people would believe it. Too many people do. I fear that the USA may well be on the verge of doing the same vis a vis Newt Gingrich.

    As far as the Christians not seeing through Newt Gingrich, this is what I have to say to them,

    “If you couldn’t see through Rev. Moon (“Lord of the Second Advent) and you couldn’t see through Paul N. Temple (Institute of Noetic Sciences co-founder active with the Prayer Breakfast Network of Douglas Coe), then I can hardly expect you to see through Newt Gingrich”


  4. You’d think one would be aware, skeptical and cautious of any man who proclaimed to follow Jesus and seeks the throne of Babylon.

  5. I can’t understand why some Cain supporters would leave Mr. Cain because of rumors and then flock to Gingrich who everyone knows has a long history of unfaithfulness. There is no logic in that. I don’t support either gentleman, but can’t fathom the thought process involved in that decision.

    • Nope, i can’t either.

      Even though Cain has suspended his campaign (today), i’ve read the rumors are still circulating about the very real possibility of a Gingrich – Cain ticket. I know its not funny but there is something amusing about the idea of the party of “conservative, family values” backing such a ticket. 🙂

  6. Life is not without it’s irony. The very people who paint President Obama as immoral and ungodly are supporting a man who is so immoral that he was rejected by his own party. I am not surprised either P.J.

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