Pike church takes stand against interracial couples

Lord have mercy….what a sad story.  😦

A small Pike County church has voted not to accept interracial couples as members or let them take part in some worship activities. The decision has caused sharp reaction and disapproval in the Eastern Kentucky county.

The issue came up at the Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church, said Dean Harville, a longtime member who serves as church secretary and clerk…Harville said his daughter Stella Harville, who is pursuing a master’s degree in optical engineering at a school in Indiana, brought her fiancé, Ticha Chikuni, to church in June and played the piano as he sang. The couple performed I Surrender All, said Stella Harville, who is 24. Chikuni, 29, who works at Georgetown College, is black. He is a native of Zimbabwe.

In early November, Thompson proposed the church go on record saying that while all people were welcome to attend public worship services there, the church did not condone interracial marriage, according to a copy of the recommendation supplied by the Harvilles. The proposal also said “parties of such marriages will not be received as members, nor will they be used in worship services” or other church functions, with the exception of funerals. The recommendation “is not intended to judge the salvation of anyone, but is intended to promote greater unity among the church body and the community we serve,” the copy supplied to the Herald-Leader read. (more here)


7 comments on “Pike church takes stand against interracial couples

  1. Sad story indeed! This one statement says it all: “is not intended to judge the salvation of anyone, but is intended to promote greater unity among the church body and the community we serve,”. Translation: We know that interracial marriage is not a biblical issue, but it is a societal issue that we dare not challenge. So they are basically caving in to the prejudice in their community, probably in fear that accepting such couples might hurt their attendance numbers or their offering plate. Sadly, doing what they are doing will probably draw all the wrong kind of people to their church and nobody will be the winner for that. My heart goes out to the couple involved. Hopefully the Lord gives them strength to find a congregation in their community were the love and compassion of Christ are valued more than seeking approval from the surrounding society.

    • My heart goes out to the couple involved.

      Mine too George. Looking at their smiling faces in the photo brought me to tears.

  2. Common people! I hope the church leadership will summon enough courage to repent and renounce this ugliness.

  3. So its very interesting. Now it looks like this decision might be rescinded. It appears that the congregation might have been subjected to some bullying by an old former pastor who initiated the action in the first place. It also appears that the current pastor does not support the decision and is trying to find a way to undo it.

  4. Its over! Because so many members of the congregation in question boycotted the vote (possibly due to the intimidating environment likely surrounding it), the whole thing has been officially declared null and void. Although the damage done will not be easily repaired, at least the rule does not stand. All indications are the current pastor of the church was horrified at the action and has done all he could to get it reversed.

    • Praise the Lord 🙂

      It does make me wonder George, how many more little independent churches are out there with the same policy.

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