CADC’s Ten “Irrefutable Proofs” that Obama is not a Christian (*and One “Irrefutable Proof” that CADC’s Dr. Gary Cass isn’t one either)

Back in 2008, the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission released a series of videos attacking then-candidate Barack Obama’s faith. The entire operation was entitled “Seven Reasons Barack Obama is not a Christian” and consisted of various videos asserting that Obama “was not a Christian by any Biblical or historic measure.”

Now that the 2012 presidential election is beginning to heat up, the CADC has announced that it intends to resurrect the series – this time featuring ten reasons – and release a new video every month leading up to the election. Here are the CADC’s “Ten New Irrefutable Proofs that Barack Obama is NOT a Christian!” 

(Source, RWWatch)


5 comments on “CADC’s Ten “Irrefutable Proofs” that Obama is not a Christian (*and One “Irrefutable Proof” that CADC’s Dr. Gary Cass isn’t one either)

  1. Oh, here we go again. Personally, I don’t see why I would care whether or not the President is a “Christian”. When I am at risk of dying and end in the emergency room, I don’t refuse care if the doctor is not a “Christian”. In the same way, when my car is out of gas as I am traveling, I don’t check to make sure the owner of the gas station is a “Christian” before I fill my tank. But some of these people are more concerned that the President is a “Christian” than they are concerned about whether or not the pastor of their church is a “Christian”. Believe me, if Mitt Romney gets elected, few of these people will be fretting about whether or not he’s a “Christian”. The current President’s problems have little to do with whether or not he’s a “Christian”. That is just a sideshow. The worst infidel could occupy the office and if he were systematically opposed to tax increases, most of these people would adore him as a saint. A few years back NOBODY was questioning whether or not Dick Cheney was a “Christian” and now suddenly its a litmus test.

    • George you’re right..here we go again 😦

      Over the last 10 years i’ve been in discussions with fellow Christians who were “outraged” at the sitting president (Bush and/or Obama) for not being what they considered a Christian. Any attempt to explain we elect “presidents” and not spiritual leaders to run the country is something many Christians cannot grasp.

      This guy (Gary Cass) has one of the most bizarre unbiblical standards for judging who is a Christian and who isn’t, i’ve ever come across. Aha!

      Which frankly says more about him then anyone else.

  2. There is ample evidence that millions of evangelicals are not Christians. I love the fact that this list includes economic policies and Obama’s health care. Those are surely the evidence of being a Christian? Confusing “conservative” with “Christian” seems to be in vogue nowadays.

    • Confusing “conservative” with “Christian” seems to be in vogue nowadays

      amen, amen! Rick i don’t know when it started but i began to notice it early on in the G.W Bush administration. The two are now, in many Christians minds, inseparable.

  3. Mr. Cass (of the CADC) is a Radical Nutcase. No better than the radical Islamists he rails against, he spreads lies as if they were Scripture, and expects “true Christians” to follow his perverted schemes.

    This guy does NOTHING but spread Hatred and Discord among the followers of Christ, following his own sick reading of Scripture. If one were looking for a “False Prophet”, one wouldn’t have to go much further than the CADC’s (and Mr. Cass’s) nonsense.

    His “Doctorate of Ministries” (D.Min.) is a Snake-oil Degree, unaccredited by any other College or University, other than his own, fictitious body. But with it, he falsely hopes to delude his gullible “Followers” into great mischief… leading them AWAY from Christ, and into HIS pocketbook.

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