Virginia’s New Adoption Regulations

Last night I heard about this on a news program and frankly didn’t believe it. Silly me.

The regulations also will allow the adoption agencies to deny services to prospective parents on the basis of age, gender, disability, religion, political belief and family status.

Did you catch it? Beginning in the spring if you want to adopt a child in Virginia, you can be turned down for your religious beliefs or your brand of politics!

Source, Richmond Times


6 comments on “Virginia’s New Adoption Regulations

  1. Are unbelievers accepteded to adopt ?

  2. Many believers would deny the adoption for gay parents and I ask them,

    “Do you support adoption for unbelievers, or Muslims, or Satan worshipers?”

    This is what happens when the kingdom of God tries to mesh with the kingdom of darkness.

    • Rick, Great point. I find it very disturbing when Christians have issues with gays raising children, but they have no problem at all with upper middle class white couples who have no use whatsoever for God adopting as many children as they desire. My first question is how is the child in the second case going to have any more chance of eternal life than the child in the first case? And, in the long term, what else really matters? My second question is how the child in the second case is going to be any more protected from child abuse than the child in the first case? After all, look at the steady stream of supposedly devout Christian family men these days that are being caught committing the most vile crimes against children. It really deflates the argument against gay adoptions, and mind you, I am NOT an advocate of gay adoptions. But the reality is that there is no doubt in my mind that many gays are, to our disgrace, better parents than some of our upstanding “Christian brethren” out there. That is why adoption criteria should be individualized, not based on stereotypes like those outlined in this law.

  3. I actually agree with this law although I doubt it will stand up to the judicial challenge that is sure to follow.

    The law says that agencies are allowed to discriminate on the basis of age, gender, disability, religion, political belief and family status.It does not require the agency to discriminate on those basis’

    Adoption agencies are private organizations and as such should be allowed to follow whatever rules they themselves wish to follow. In my mind this is no different than a church being allowed to hire or not hire on the basis of their own doctrinal beliefs. In the end, I suspect the court will strike this down. The government required licensing of these agencies will make them in effect government agencies even if they are run by church or religious organizations

    • Steve, I think that all of your concerns could be addressed by a simple religious exemption. There is simply no legitimate reason that the other issues would factor in for a Christian adoption agency. A Christian adoption agency *should* be able to place their children in qualified Christian homes that emulate the faith of the agency, *anything* beyond that smacks of unChristian discrimination. There IS a reason why it is NOT wise to make carte blanche laws like this. For example, I am a landlord (and I actually am). I have properties that are absolutely not suitable for disabled tenants. But I am disallowed by law from stating that when I market the properties. Why? Because it creates an opportunity for a landlord to blatantly discriminate against a class of people in a systematic way. So the law states (and rightly so) that I need to leave it up to the tenant to conclude that the property won’t work for him or her. Same with adoption. The only requirement should be a broad “fit” with the religious convictions of the private agency. What on earth would age, gender (I wasn’t aware that “sexual preference” was a gender issue, but it certainly would have religious conviction implications), political belief or family status (whatever that is) have to do with that? “Family status” issues is a code word for something here, but, again, that something could equally be well addressed by the “religious conviction” exemption. Disability is a no brainer that doesn’t even need to be addressed since it is obvious that if the person is physically unable to care for a child, that would automatically preclude adoption. To have to spell it out by law is just nonsense. It simply has to be already spelled out somewhere else in adoption law. This is just part of America having way to many laws and very selective enforcement of them. This is a major part of what is destroying the American way of life.

      And one final thought. Those private adoption agencies that accept government funds are ALREADY government agencies by their own choice. Its just the price of doing business that way. When you take money from the state, you can’t protest that your religious freedom is being violated when the state requires you follow some external rules. Any attempt to circumvent this problem by law seriously upsets a healthy church state relationship.

  4. Not all faith-based adoption agencies operating in Virginia discriminate against those who do not subscribe to their views.

    United Methodist Family Services will “continue to serve a wide range of prospective adoptive parents and do not intend to discriminate as allowed by the new regulations,” CEO Greg Peters told Reuters in a statement on Thursday. (Reuters)

    Good for them.

    As the article also points out, there are 1,200 children in Virginia awaiting adoption and 6,000 in foster care. Its unbelievable that a some of these children could be denied a home and family based on politics.

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