The Manhattan Declaration: Bizarre

You may recall The Manhattan Declaration from 2009 (Christian Leaders Unite on Political IssuesThe Ecumenical Manhattan Declaration ) and the response from many Christians around the blogosphere: (The Manhattan DeclarationAnother reason why I’ll never support the Manhattan Declaration). Rick Frueh at Judah’s Lion even wrote a parable on the topic, The Manhattan Declaration.  Two more related links: Steve Camp, THE DUNG OF OUR OWN RIGHTEOUSNESS …the Manhattan Declaration and A Rebuke to the Manhattan Declaration Signers. I recall my surprise at those named who did sign it…in particular, Albert Mohler.

I wonder if all those signees agree with The Manhattan Declaration’s latest article and list, which frankly I find somewhat bizarre; 

What if Jesus had been aborted?

If Christ were never born, our history, our surrounding, every culture, and even the earth would be a vastly different place. Think about it, if Christ were never born, there would be no reason to have Christmas and your very birth is questionable (would your parents have met?). 

Famous Buildings, There would be no Cathedrals in Europe. The Louvre Museum which held a majority of confiscated church property may not have opened as it did in 1793. The famous Westminster Abbey probably wouldn’t have been constructed.

Art, The influence of Christ’s life greatly influenced the arts. Michelangelo wouldn’t have painted the Sistine Chapel and there would be no Pieta in the Vatican- further, no Vatican at all.

Classical Music, Famous composer, Johann Sebastian Bach, is considered one of the most important and influential European classical music composers of all time. Most of Bach’s music was written for the Lutheran church. Even Mozart used parts of his religious compositions in secular cantatas and pieces from his operas for church purposes. It is unlikely that either composer would have had such passion for developing original music had that passion not been birthed and nurtured in a Christian Church.

Discovery of America, Christian writers whose works clearly reflect the conviction that the Earth is spherical include Saint Bede the Venerable in his Reckoning of Time, written around AD 723. In Columbus’ time, the techniques of celestial navigation, which use the position of the Sun and the Stars in the sky, together with the understanding that the Earth is a sphere, were widely used by mariners. Columbus himself saw his accomplishments [of exploring the Americas] primarily in the light of the spreading of the Christian religion. – Wikipedia United States of America Christianity was the largest influence in the beginning of the United States of America. Europeans had wanted religious freedom and found they had to come to the Americas to rediscover it. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and America’s legal and political foundation are dramatically influenced by Jesus birth- and not just because the authors were primarily Christian, but because the principles of the Bible they carried with them have been transferred into the above as cornerstones of freedom.

Israel, Israel would be a different place… there would be no reason to visit Galilee, Bethlehem, or Golgotha (the place of Christ’s crucifixion), or even some of the places chronicled in the old testament (which was spread globally by Christians with a conviction to go into all the earth). America would not be the biggest Alli and protector of Israel without the conviction of Christian leaders in the US who have historically believed that Christians should support God’s Chosen People.

Wine, The global wine industry has been largely impacted by the church and America. In medieval Europe, following the decline of Rome and its industrial-scale wine production for export, the Christian Church became a staunch supporter of the wine necessary for celebration of the Catholic Mass. Also, the practice of grafting in resistant American wine grape rootstock to guard against phylloxera has been used globally. Had American rootstock not been available and used, there would be no wine industry in Europe or most places because of the devastating Phylloxera louse of the 1870s.

Holidays, The following holidays & observances would be non-existent without America being founded by Christian people escaping religious persecution: Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, Veteran’s Day, Fourth of July, Martin Luther King Day, Columbus Day, and on and on.

I’ve nothing more to add….


15 comments on “The Manhattan Declaration: Bizarre

  1. In the first book of Manhattan Declaration and Christ came to give us famous buildings, art, wine discovery of America. A bunch of confused people masquerading as knowledgeable people. If you want to oppose abortion that’s all well and good. Do they know who Christ is? The One who upholds everything. [col 1:17]. Furthermore, did he come to give us wine and arts? The tragedy is that they have people taking them seriously

  2. yes…and Jesus is more than an icon..that gets honor…I am born a Jew and was told Jesus is a liar, an enemy to our people and to have nothing to do with him. Then i read my Jewish Scriptures i got for my bar Mitzvah..becoming a man in Judaism and found out from Isaiah 9th chapter that the Messiah would be mighty G-d/God the prince of peace, our wonderful counselor, that would be the child born, the son given! and Isaiah 52 last paragraph-chapter 53 That the Messiah would be exalted, but first marred more than any man, and sprinkle many nations, and be rejected to die as a lamb for our sins. I was lied to by my own Jewish people..but it says “He would be rejected” Now I asked Messiah Jesus into my heart to be my savior from the sin i repented for, and best friend to help me do better forever more, amen….IT WORKED…Occupy movement help others to know the Messiah too..many atheists, and saved and lost of my Jewish people..and Muslims too to share truth with….EVANGELIZE OR BE A LOSER once you come to know the Messiah personally. Muslims say Messiah never died and that an angel also told Mohamad to marry a 7 year old little girl named Aisha…fallen angels are called demons..in america we put those kind of men into prison..thank Allah/God..the true Messiah.

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  4. What nonsense. On the other side of the coin if Jesus had never been born millions of people would not have been killed. And the money spent on art, buildings, wine, holidays (especially Christmas) could have been used to feed the poor.

    The article is another example of how people worship culture.

    BTW – If Jesus had never been born Osteen, Copeland, Warren, Schuler, and many, many others would have to get a different scam.

    • I think Osteen, Copeland and the rest of the megachurchers would’ve been much better being Pagan High Priests; that way the documents they try to use wouldn’t be ready to undermine them.

  5. ALWAYS expect the bizarre from religious people who don’t know or fear God. Since they are unable to unite around sound doctrine, they usually drift over to the political sphere where they share a common lust for power and control. Until, of course, they actually taste power. Then the real blood letting ensues.

  6. Glad to see im not alone in thinking this is WEIRD!

    To see the significance of Jesus’ birth reduced to such a bizarre list kinda left me speechless. 😦

  7. A perfect example of constantinianism, also called sacralism: the confusing of the Kingdom of God with cultures and power structures of this fallen world. Jesus did not come into this world in order to have big buildings built, nice music written, famous paintings painted, wine and vineyards improved, nor any such temporal vanities.
    Furthermore, the framers of the constitution of the U.S. embodied Enlightenment values, NOT values of the faith once for all delivered to the saints. Freedom of religion is a principle coming from anabaptist thought, anabaptists who were despised, hunted down and tortured and slaughtered by the reformers and Puritans. Get your history right, Manhattandeclarers! Puritans persecuted and killed pilgrims. Puritans were not devoted to any freedom of religion, only to freedom for THEIR sacralist state.

  8. The scourge of ideas that stem from the 7 mountains of influence being the primary foundations for the Creation of man is shouted out in this perverse aberration of the Gospel. In the faith of the reprobate, indeed, this world is everything; Though this is in reality as close to Heaven as they will ever get……While to the authentic, born again believer, this is as close to Hell as she, or he will ever get.

    The Salvation of man , and the corresponding ,willing sacrifice of the Creator/Savior doesn’t even rate, nor is mentioned in this faith statement. It is clear what they appreciate and honor more than the fact that He bled, and died, to save them from their sure, impending ,tormented eternity….Famous buildings, holidays, music and good wine.

    Sounds like the Devil’s Gospel to me. I can hear him hissing in the tree as I speak. Shame is to weak a word to describe these heretics.

  9. I think they mean what if Constantine had never been born? I think they’re a little confused. Constantinianism and all its idolatry is not the same religion as the one founded by Jesus Christ.

    And, there are many historical inaccuracies, reductionisms, and frankly kind of lame if not juvenile interpretations of many of the events they cite.

    Nothing new I’m afraid.

  10. “And, there are many historical inaccuracies, reductionisms, and frankly kind of lame if not juvenile interpretations of many of the events they cite.”

    Well spoken; and I’m glad you brought this out…..almost a mid-high-school mentality
    obviously void of any real substance….and as you said; lame conjecture. I could not imagine Christ Jesus orchestrating the Future of better wine so that it could be enjoyed on a more groovy holiday off work, while we Americans enjoyed a bit deeper musical appreciation. Yea…that’s it…this is the reason of the incarnation, crucifiction, and Holy resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus.

    More artfull liesure for all! Your best Life Now!!! ” Will there be faith on the Earth when I return?”

  11. Although I would certainly not disagree with the assertion that this approach is Constantinian, I would also suggest that it did not originate with Constantine. It is a corruption that crept into the Roman church before Constantine established Constantinople as the “new Rome”. That is why Rome shares the same lust for temporal power as did Constantine in spite of the fact that the two were mortal enemies. There was a reasoning within the early Roman church that since Rome was the seat of the temporal empire, the Roman church should be the seat of the religious empire. This craving for power was already present before the time of Constantine and reached its nadir in the West with the Holy Roman Empire that succeeded Constantinople after 1000AD. Constantine actually asserted that he was attempting to escape the pagan forces at work in Rome when he attempted, unsuccessfully, to move the seat of power to Constantinople. But he ended up taking a lot of that baggage with him and Constantinople became just one more attempt to supplant the Kingdom of God with a temporal kingdom. One sees a very different pattern in the rest of the early church where temporal power was never really an option and persecution was instead the norm.

    I would also agree that this stuff is a parallel to the “seven mountains” dominionist movement. I am hearing increasing talk of “democratic theocracy”, whatever that is. As I see the term is a classic oxymoron, yet people are falling in line to support it like sheep … or rather like goats. Democracy is based on the concept of majority rule. “Democratic theocracy” is being described by those who promote it as replacing much or all of the Constitution with the Bible. I suppose that since we would still be voting for public office holders, they think all of this would be somehow compatible with democracy. But democracy entails far more than just having an elected government. People in Iran vote, but I wouldn’t consider Iran to be a “democratic” theocracy. In reality, theocracy ends up destroying democracy and establishing a religious autocracy that determine how religious doctrine will be imposed on the populace. And that is just what will happen in the US if these people were ever successful in their quest. There is NO religious freedom in a theocracy and thus the true church ALWAYS ends up suffering persecution.

    And thus what started in Rome in the earliest days of the church is coming to fruition yet in our day. Some apply the biblical term “mystery of iniquity” to this whole process. Personally, I am not sure, but they well could be correct. It is diabolical and it is powerful and it is sweeping our nation as well as our world as people yearn for something “better” than what God has to offer in the form of the Cross of Christ and the promise of eternity with Him in His perfect Heaven.

  12. I think it is rather arrogant that what is clearly ‘rule by clerics’ (or for the dominionists, ‘Super Apostles’) as ‘Theocracy’. How can a bureaucracy of men claim to be governing as God? How silly we label them.

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