Pat Robertson’s 2012 Predictions

Was just wondering this morning why we hadn’t heard any 2012 predictions yet


Last year, Robertson claimed God told him that America’s future will be bleak because of debt and divisions, and today on The 700 Club said that God again communicated to him that financial problems and partisan politics are going to bring America into decline. Unsurprisingly, Robertson said God is no fan of President Obama: “Your president holds a radical view of the direction of your country which is at odds with the majority, expect chaos and paralysis.” Robertson claimed that the country would be devastated by an “economic collapse” and “the country will begin disintegrating.” He also claimed that God revealed to him who the next president will be, but that he is “not supposed to talk about that.” (RWW)


18 comments on “Pat Robertson’s 2012 Predictions

  1. “The future of the world is at stake because if America falls, there is no longer a strong champion of freedom and a champion of the oppressed of the world”


  2. Wow.

    God told him about chaos and paralysis?

    You mean … like the past three years? That’s not a prediction, much less a prophecy. It’s a bloody news report.

    As for the revelation of the next President … Uh-huh. And after the next election, no doubt, Robertson will say, “Yep, I knew it!”

  3. To quote Archie Bunker-“good night nurse”

  4. Robertson is a poster child for an unbelievably rich false prophet. Oh yea, God is involved with astute poltical perseptions. Let me add this:

    God is no fan of Christian television! (He spoke that to me audibly.) 🙂

  5. Have you noticed that all the candidates “God” either “spoke” to or “persuaded” [Hermain Cain] to run are quitting or about to quit the Republican race.

    • Yes i have noticed it. Most all of them claim a direct pipeline running from God’s voice to their ear(s). And stranger yet, God has told them all to run for president.

      Republican Herman Cain said God convinced him to enter the race for president, comparing himself to Moses

      “I’m getting more and more comfortable every day that this is what I’ve been called to do. This is what America needs,” (Rick Perry)

      Presidential hopeful Rep. Michele Bachmann says she has the highest endorsement she can get: an endorsement from above. The Minnesota congresswoman said she received a “calling” to enter the 2012 presidential race.

      Rick Santorum, who owns the record for the largest defeat of an incumbent U.S. Senator, announced Monday morning that he is running for president. God has told Rick Santorum to run for president. Just ask his wife, who said last month, “We believe with all our hearts that this is what God wants.”

  6. I read this and dare not to judge!
    God is a good God, yet there is a warning that he will judge the nations!
    His word does say there will come a day when wrong becomes right and right becomes wrong! We are living in these days!
    I truly believe that both Canada and the States which were both built upon God and his ways have shamed God! We have left Him out and let everything else in, and unless we repent and humble ourselves our countries are in trouble!
    I do not claim to now everything but one thing i know for sure is that since we allowed so many things that is against God and His word our countries have gone down hill!!
    There is no need to be harsh towards Pat nor anyone else! Thats is whats wrong with the world today, hate and pride have gotten in the way of love. Agree to disagree. One thing I know is that God will have the final say!!!

    • tracy, Pat, over the years, unfortunately has a reputation for predicting (or prophesying) some very weird things. Also, in the last 10-15 years his yearly predictions are for the most part predicated by his own personal political affiliations. All this should be taken into consideration by Christians. And yes, we ARE to discern and judge all such predictions and/or prophecy, and the vessel through which they are coming from.

    • Tracy:
      I ask you that you examine American history and look at the founders from an angle other than David Barton. How were these nations founded on God? Is a violent revolution the work of the God of Peace? America may have had the veneer of Godliness but it is one that denies His power. It has and always has had this same veneer. There’ve been quite a number of American Christians, that I do not doubt, but that does not make the country or government ‘Christian’. Where in the writing of the Apostles is there such an idea?

      The USA has been prospering economically as a Super Power since the end of WW2 when Europe lay a smoldering ruin. In that War we released 2 atomic bombs decimating the people of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, we fire bombed with the British (thus Canadians) Dresden and other Germany cities etc. This is following the will of God and His word?

  7. If they were really hearing from God, they would hear Him say:

    “Do not get involved with the systems of this world. Use the time for prayer and witnessing!”

  8. I’m not trying to step on toes or trying to change peoples opinions. All I’m saying is love is the answer, judgement and criticism is not!
    I agree time needs to be spent in prayer and witnessing and I also believe that God tries to talk to everyone! He doesn’t just choose a few, we need to be still, take time for Him and listen to His still small voice that could be heard from all, if we wanted too!!

    • Tracy, that’s exactly why Robertson’s ideas must be confronted and shown to be the mythologized, empire building they are. I love my fellow man, that’s why I can’t let men like him cheerlead in the name of Christ when our soldiers are securing power for America and killing brown people for our government.

  9. I was criticized for writing what I wrote. If my desire was to rebuke Pat Robertson and only him then the criticism is due. The bible teaches that we are to confront the person alone in such cases and if the problem is not resolved then we take the matter up with others and again confront the individual. What I’m doing is publically rebuking every Pastor and Christian for sharing their so-called Christian values with others and keeping their faith to themselves. Many Christians for a number of reasons simply avoid doctrine like the plague and will not teach or discuss it with others. When you share your faith, the doctrinal truths you believe with others you will find other Christians who believe the same thing and you will also find others who don’t believe. An example is eternal security or the possibility of losing your salvation. This is exactly why many Christians share their virtues…Christian values…don’t lie, don’t steal ect. and keep their faith to themselves. The problem is that when we do this we fail to feed the flock. Sharing your virtues is not the same as sharing your faith. Legalism is preached because who is going to criticize anybody who says it’s wrong to commit adultery or it’s wrong to lie; nobody, not the Christian or anybody else. But the problem is this; legalism will never revive anybody’s heart. We can only be used by the Lord who Himself revives our heart when we share our faith, those biblical truths that we believe in. A babe in Christ will not grow in the faith unless we share our faith… what we believe to be true with them. Do you wish to be used by God to water the lilies?

  10. All I Have to say is to quote my loving and caring God’s word which God said about how to tell a (TRUE PROPHET) It was simply spoken outright without no if, ands or buts and according to God — (TRUE) test for A Prophet of God. In other words, if you dont pass this test–(YOU ARE NOT A PROPHET OF GOD) It is just that simple. Well, here it is: ” THE WAY FOR US HUMANS TO KNOW IF A PERSON CLAIMS HE IS A TRUE PROPHET THE WAY FOR US TO KNOW IF HE IS ONE OF GOD’S PROPHETS IS FOR HIS PROPHECY TO COME TRUE. Well fellow christians, there it is plain and simple. PAT ROBINSON IS NOT A PROPHET OF GOD. Well Pat Robinson– You should not continue to say you are a prophet. If you do then you are saying God’s word is wrong. There is no where in that scripture that says ” Well sometimes you know you get it wrong” ” You Know once and a while you miss one” Mr Robertson — You are no prophet of God

  11. yes we should as christians converse with each others about the scriptures but only allow the spirit helper of which jesus spoke of would come will lead us to the truth. I will never rely on what red blooded human beings to be my only source of scripture interpetation. That is where the ball stops bouncing. There is also too many denominations who think their denomination is the true religion and all others are wrong according to them. Dont get me wrong! I feel like they have some good and some miss the the truth in the scriptures in relation to God. Humans are just to imperfect to make me rely solely on what God tells me

  12. For a bible beleaving man like Pat Robertson to not admit he is no prophet of God and he knows the scripture is plain and simple. This is not a hard scripture to understand. I feel like he does grave damage to christians by knowing this and still leading others to believe he is a prophet of God. That is a gift that he does not have. Plain and simple–He failed the test. There is no other way to see it. Not everyone has the gift of prophecy and he is one of them.

    • Amen. Those who claim to speak as a prophet and fail miserably time after time, have done great harm to not only the office of a true prophet but the church in general.

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