Persistent Love’s Effect on Human Lives

“Several years ago, my family and I visited the Grand Canyon.  We stood on the edge of the South Rim and marveled at the vast expanse of the canyon and the Colorado River twisting its way through the floor of the valley a mile down.  Though we knew the river had carved this canyon over a period of forty million years, and perhaps even longer, it was still difficult to imagine that the same water that falls so gently on the Midwestern fields of our home could have altered these layers of rocks so dramatically.”

“Can the persistent presence of love have a similarly dramatic effect on human lives, wearing down our hardness of heart?  Yes, of course.  I have seen it firsthand.  Does it happen as quickly as we would like?  Hardly ever.  But there is progress, however glacial.  There is a power present in this slow dripping of grace, which eventually cuts through the dross of hate… Should boulders of hatred attempt to restrict this current of grace, then grace like flowing water will find another path, will over time erode the stone and freely flow.  This is the power of God, exercised not in overwhelming and sudden force, but in gentle and gracious persistence that eventually, but inexorably, makes beautiful the landscape of our lives.” (Author Philip Gulley)


2 comments on “Persistent Love’s Effect on Human Lives

  1. What a perfect picture this portrays of how it truly happens, and to me……. YES EVEN ME! When I take a moment to look back I am staggered at the change that God, and only God by His Spirit, has brought about in my life.
    There’s always further to go of course, but the end product that will stand before Him in all His Glory will be perfect. Can’t wait 🙂
    A Beautiful post pj, thank you.

    • I loved this to Sylvia…

      It made me think of a dear elderly sister who worked as our church’s sunday school secretary back in the 80’s. She had a simple sign over he desk which quoted the opening to 1 Cor.13:8,

      “Love Never Fails….”

      Over the years when praying for lost loved ones those words have come back to me time and again…love never fails.

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