Religious Right Leaders to Meet and Plot Strategy on How to Stop Romney

This is interesting though not surprising…

Last summer, James Robison convened a meeting of dozens of leading Religious Right activists for the purpose of unifying the movement behind a Republican candidate that could defeat President Obama, presumably Rick Perry. But following last night’s vote in Iowa in which Perry finished a distant fifth, causing him to return to Texas to “assess” the future of his campaign, activists will be meeting again next weekend to plot how to stop Mitt Romney:

A group of movement conservatives has called an emergency meeting in Texas next weekend to find a “consensus” Republican presidential hopeful, POLITICO has learned.

“You and your spouse are cordially invited to a private meeting with national conservative leaders of faith at the ranch of Paul and Nancy Pressler near Brenham, Texas, with the purpose of attempting to unite and to come to a consensus on which Republican Presidential candidate or candidates to support, or which not to support,” read an invitation that is making its way into in-boxes this morning.

The meeting is being hosted by such right-leaning figures as James Dobson, Don Wildmon and Gary Bauer. Many of the individuals on the host list attended a previous closed-door session with Rick Perry this summer. Movement conservatives are concerned that a vote split between Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum among base voters could enable Mitt Romney. A source who shared the invitation said the meeting was about how to avoid such a possibility. 

Religious Right Leaders to Meet and Plot Strategy on How to Stop Romney



9 comments on “Religious Right Leaders to Meet and Plot Strategy on How to Stop Romney

  1. Strategy? That is the carnal method to a carnal system.

  2. Republican Party 2012 =

    1) George Romney -> “Mainstream” corporate Republicanism
    2) Rick Santorum -> “Religious Right” theocracy/morality agenda Republicanism
    3) Ron Paul -> “Libertarian” isolationist/legalize all drugs Republicanism

    George Romney is an old school politician who in many ways would be a reincarnation of George W Bush. He would be a tough on drugs, global interventionist in the Bush tradition. He would give lip service to religious concerns like abortion, but not a lot more, because his main interest would be issues of high finance, banking, oil, defense, etc. He will be the darling candidate of the big money interests that typify the historic Republican mainstream. These are *not* people who would be likely to enthusiastically support a candidate of the #2 or #3 flavors.

    Rick Santorum is one of several candidates that represent the interests of the pro-life anti-gay religious right. Mr. Santorum would be focused a social conservative agenda. He would be anti-drug, anti-gay and pro-business, but not to the extent of a George Romney. He or one of the others will be the darling of conservative evangelicals and fundamentalists who are sick and tired of the the Romney wing of the party. These are *not* people who would be likely to support a candidate of the #1 or #3 flavors.

    Ron Paul is a classic libertarian who would support legalization of drugs, prostitution and who knows what all else. Additionally, he would be pro-choice at heart which would turn off folks who are #2 and anti-war at all costs which would run against the interests of those in the #1 camp.

    In each of the above cases, there are those that would hold their nose and do their duty in the voting booth, but many would likely not have enough enthusiasm. There is plenty of mortal battle ahead grinding down to the nomination, and the blood is going to flow. When its all over an Obama second term looks extremely likely with at least two years of recrimination to follow in the Republican camp surrounding the question of who’s fault it was. Republicans have increasing adhered to a take no prisoners agenda and now it is going to come home to haunt them. The divisions they have championed at the national level with no acceptance of compromise are now dividing asunder their own party and no amount of sugar coating is going to put Humpty back together again. These people are all manic purists who will accept no compromise. Right now there is a lot of enthusiasm because they *all* assume that *their* candidate is going to be nominated. It is their way or the highway and the end result will be a political train wreck of historic proportions when things inevitably don’t work out.

    • At this point in the whole political fiasco Rick Santorum disturbs me the most. He comes across as though he’s running for three offices: President of the United States, Spiritual leader, and moral-overseer.

      In my precinct/district we can vote on the first floor of my apartment building. Frankly, i wouldn’t take the 15 second elevator ride downstairs to cast a vote for any of these guys.

  3. The whole abortion issue is a smoke screen. No president can change the law, and even stacking the Supreme court is no guarantee. Santorum also wants troops to stay in Iraq. Anytime a believer becomes a moral champion rather than a gospel champion he begins a journey that strays further and further from the cause of Jesus Christ.

    Although I do not vote etc., I still must openly admit that I view American politics like I view professional wrestling – entertaining but not real. And I also love that the party of so called family values has Newt Gingrich as a candidate. That’s like Hugh Hefner championing moral purity!

    • Anytime a believer becomes a moral champion rather than a gospel champion he begins a journey that strays further and further from the cause of Jesus Christ.

      Rick, that is so true. Powerful statement brother…powerful!

  4. I’m personally looking forward to seeing the religious right make a choice btw the candidate who is Mormon and the “Kenyan socialist everything evil” candidate. I can’t wait to see the contortions they will go through.

    • At least one leader in the religious right (Ralph Reed of The Faith and Freedom Coalition) has recently said if Romney wins the nomination he and the religious right will line up behind him with their support. (video: Ralph Reed at the 2012 Iowa Caucuses)

      His reasoning? “The things which unite Evangelicals and Mormons are far greater then the things which separate them”

      Thats a pretty good contortion. 🙂

      If Romney gets the nomination it will be interesting to watch how many in this entire group (the Evangelical right) will explain how Romney’s religion is a “non” issue, after making Obama’s a priority for the last 4 years.

      We’ll see hypocrisy on parade!

  5. Where is Peter Wagner and the Dominionist pack in all this? Michele Bachmann is gone, Rick Perry is fading, and Sarah Palin isn’t in it.

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