Newt Gingrich Names ‘Apostle’ Dutch Sheets to his Faith Leaders Coalition

Looks like the dominionist NAR  is still working behind the scenes to gain the “mountain of government” ….

Newt Gingrich’s campaign announced today that Dutch Sheets, a self-appointed apostle and a major figure in the New Apostolic Reformation, will join his Faith Leaders Coalition as a National Co-Chair.


Apostle Dutch Sheets Endorses Newt Gingrich, Will Join Campaign’s National Faith Leaders Coalition

Newt Gingrich Names ‘Apostle’ Dutch Sheets to his Faith Leaders Coalition


21 comments on “Newt Gingrich Names ‘Apostle’ Dutch Sheets to his Faith Leaders Coalition

  1. Well, in the immortal words of the Church Lady, “Isn’t that special?”.

  2. Let’s see now, which compromise is worse. Gingrich joining with Sheets or Sheets joining with Gingrich?

    Answer: There can be no compromise when there is no truth at all. Error joining with error is not compromise – it’s error squared!

  3. I have met Dutch Sheets one on one many years ago…and I left wanting. Sheets is the ambitious one, exalting himself as the Chief….and so let it be. Gingrich is adapting his new found faith as a Roman Catholic, delivered from the Baptist belief system. Let them go…though as a Republican conservative, I am bewildered, as both of these guys, and Santorum…[ also a Catholic convert…]..are deficient………..The NAR is wicked, and Spirit devoid…as are their surrogates….and for me, it truly does not matter. God is judging America…unto the End of the American Dream…….[ right here on Sola..]……so let them rage…destruction is on the doorstep. Jesus is Lord and faithful.

  4. Oh. Goody.

    As long as Ron Paul doesn’t play the faith card, I’ll be happy.

  5. I think even most traditional Republicans are beginning to believe that it is over for them in the coming election. Every one of their current candidates is FATALLY flawed in some way or another. There is actually only one potential Republican candidate that I would vote for in the current field and he is not running. That would be Bobby Jindal (also a Catholic). While I don’t agree with Mr Jindal’s politics because I am not a Conservative (or a Liberal for that matter), I see him as a SERIOUS politician who is capable of managing the office capably and with integrity. I see him as knowing the difference between religion and politics, between the spiritual realm and the temporal realm. And he is the only guy out there who is in the same league as a Reagan or an Obama. The rest of them are losers. Of course losers (from both parties) have one before and we have all suffered as a result. Why? Mr Watkins is correct. It is because of us. We all collectively, in one way or another, are contributing to the judgement that is coming on our country. Too many of us are chasing dreams instead of praying for deliverance, repentance and reconciliation. But that is OK, because God knows how to deal with us in His love and He has all the time in the world to do it.

  6. The NAR was not the first church driven to dominate the World by claiming Apostolic Right. The Church of Rome claimed Universal Authority through Peter the Apostle as the one given the keys to the Kingdom…and of course, the exclusive right as the one and only true Ecclesia.

    This RCC were the first effective terrorists also. They loved to torture the insubordinates publically so others would fear, and often would murder entire villages and locals so the world would also fear.

    Dutch Sheets preaches with intimidation “thuggery”, almost beating congregations into submission. He truly believes that he DESERVES this office, and that all must recognize it, or be crushed.[ by himself, or God for refusing.. ]

    It is interesting to me, that though Newt is a Catholic Convert, Sheets submits for the pure sake of attaining power….no matter the faith system. 2 Prostitutes colliding in the night.

  7. Gingrich attended Idlewild Baptist Church in Tampa this morning. He was recognized as a special guest as he listened to a sermon on abortion. I guess he called ahead so as to avoid the sermon on adultery or Roman Catholic errors!

    Politics, ya gotta love it!

  8. Well, I guess I’m gonna brace for for more years of Obama’s class envy warfare. No way I’m voting and giving the Mormon cult any credibility, and neither the Christian New Age/Dominionists.

    • Kirby, that’s a great first step! 🙂

    • I’m not sure what i’ll do yet; In the past i’ve always tried (through prayer) to seek the mind of God on participating in any/all presidential elections. During the George H. W. Bush election and both Bill Clinton elections i didn’t vote for the reason i ‘sensed’ nothing one way or the other.

      Other years i’ve voted as the Spirit led… even if the candidate was not supported by most other Christians.

      This time i’ll do the same: seek God and vote accordingly or not vote at all… 🙂

    • Obama is hardly class-warefare, more like Bush 2.0.

      Washington is Washington, power is alluring. Nothing changes when it comes to thrones of Empires.

  9. I wonder if this prayer before I cast my vote will be heard and answered?

    “Lord God, Our Heavenly Father, please forgive me for what I am about to do if it is not your Will doing it! If this person I vote for now, becomes President, I will pray for him while he holds the office of President. If the other person wins, I will pray for him while he holds the office so that we, the Church, may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.

    In Jesus’ Name and for Your Glory Lord God Almighty, Our Heavenly Father, I pray, amen!”

    • Amen, amen!!!

    • Rich, truth is, I don’t vote anymore. I’m kind of in tune with the Jehovah’s Witness stand on “no involvement in worldly government”. I see it as a worldly power that God does not work through. So, I’ve felt for a long time, “Why would any Christian seek a worldly power that God is not working through, apart from using it as a power of restraint upon the evil of men?” But now, even that is no longer. Government is now itself the purveyor of evil. Has been for a long, long time.

    • I agree, Kirby. Politics is like attempting to make something edible from an arsenic flour.

  10. How about:

    Lord, Your Spirit has made it clear that American politics is nothing more than self elevation, speaking lies about your opponents, making hollow promises that cannot be fulfilled, undeniable compromise between fallen men, unbiblical yokes between saved and fallen men, and obscene amounts of money spent speaking evil of others while portraying your own accomplishments in exaggerating words.

    There is only one way to change this culture and that is Your gospel. I release the systems of this world that are antichrist at their core. I pray for them as well as other believers who as yet expend worthless energy in a system that reveals just how worthless it after each and every election regardless who is elected.

    Even moral issues like abortion are given lip service so as to elicit votes. The American system as well as the entire nation is an affront to all that is holy, and we must preach the only hope for everyone – You and You alone.

    And Lord, are we supposed to vote for a Mormon, a pro-abortion President, or a serial adulterer? I pray for the kings of this world, but I have only one King and to Him I give all my allegiance.


  11. Rick, I certainly understand your feelings about this issue. In my case, I see government as an institution created by God Himself for a role that simply doesn’t require the sort of moral purity that is expected of the church. In fact, throughout history most governments have been very corrupt, including most regimes in Old Testament Israel. And yet God has given them the authority to rule. So, while I recognize the depth of the corruption, I nevertheless acknowledge their authority and pledge them my LIMITED allegiance as the emissaries of God most high. And I will vote for a candidate when I feel that candidate, no matter how corrupt he or she might be, will me more apt to lead in a way that will guarantee our temporal peace and safety which is what God has appointed government to do. I have in the past voted for candidates from both parties, party affiliation itself does not impress me a whole lot. And there have been times, like the case of Bush v Clinton that PJ alludes to where I have not voted for either candidate because I felt strongly that either would be a curse on our nation. The two things that turned me off in that case, for example, were that Mr Bush chose Mr Cheney as a running mate and the fact that Mr Clinton so disgraced the office of the Presidency by his on the job moral misbehavior. Neither of these things could I stomach, so I sat it out. But once Mr Bush was elected, he had my prayers because I had to respect him as God’s anointed in the temporal realm just as Saul was God’s anointed in Israel. When it comes to voting for any candidate, it is often a very tough choice, but I do believe there are times when we CAN make a difference with our vote even though in the end, it is God Himself who does the choosing, and when I see an opening for that, I make sure I take advantage of it.

  12. I get what you’re saying George, however I don’t think we can call Bush, or any president ‘anointed’. We’re on the same page about the US and any other country and by following this steps we must say Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Henry VIII, Pope Alexander VI etc etc. (typical wicked lot) were all anointed.

    I’m hesitant to say such a thing. The kings of Israel were rebuked to their face by prophets. However, we’re talking about Israel and not common nations.

    Have you ever read JH Yoder’s analysis of Romans 13? He makes some interesting points about what it means about God and the different states. From the Greek he argues that God does not ‘institute’ (aka create) these organizations outright but arranges them for His good purpose. Just because a librarian orders the books doesn’t mean the librarian likes the books he/she is organizing.

    Some thoughts.

    • “Have you ever read JH Yoder’s analysis of Romans 13? He makes some interesting points about what it means about God and the different states. From the Greek he argues that God does not ‘institute’ (aka create) these organizations outright but arranges them for His good purpose. Just because a librarian orders the books doesn’t mean the librarian likes the books he/she is organizing.’

      Cal, I agree completely and emphatically with Yoder’s position. But I would also say that we can honor and respect these people BECAUSE God has placed them in their position WITHOUT attributing any holiness or righteousness to them and in fact respectfully opposing them, in some cases forcefully opposing them BUT NOT arrogantly opposing them. I don’t know about the word “anointed” but I believe that David DID USE this very word in regards to Saul. I think part of the issue is recognizing the major difference between the spiritual anointing of a leader in the church and the temporal anointing from God of a governmental leader.

  13. The New Testament makes clear that the concept of earthly human government was designed by God Almighty. However nowhere is the Body of Christ commanded to become yoked with it.

    The Incarnate Body of Christ never got involved with politics or human government even though He obeyed their laws.

    • I really don’t think that participating in the electoral process NECESSARILY “yokes” me to the political system. Of course if I become PASSIONATE about a candidate which I try NEVER to do, it becomes a problem. In my case I vote with the understanding that it is God who is in the end doing the deciding and appointing.

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