A Recognized “Apostolic Government” in Delaware…..Huh?

Don’t know what to make of this latest email from Peter Wagner….


C. Peter Wagner January 30, 2012

For a long time, those of us involved in the New Apostolic Reformation have agreed that God raises up territorial apostles to provide biblical government for the people of God in a given geographical region. I personally have tried to keep my spiritual antennae tuned to developments in implementing territorial apostolic government, especially in the U.S., and I have been observing several individuals who undoubtedly have the gifts of territorial apostles, but I suspect that my list is far from complete. I would love to hear from any of those who read this report who may have information about territorial apostolic government so that we could begin to catalog and publicize what God is doing.

Meanwhile, for a year or more I have been in touch with apostolic leadership in the state of Delaware, the first state admitted to the union, about the possibility of organizing key apostles in the state and having their government recognized by the state. I was honored to be invited to sit with six of these leaders for an extended meeting on January 19, 2012. Preparations for this meeting had been going on for several months. Those present agreed to constitute themselves as the Delaware Council of Apostles, and they appointed one of their number to serve as Convening Apostle.

Three of the six had not yet been publicly commissioned as apostles, so a public meeting for commissioning was scheduled that evening. Much to my surprise, a good bit of field work had been done to assure the approval of the State of Delaware. As part of the ceremony, I was officially welcomed as an apostle and authorized to help commission apostles to the state. The mayor of Seaford (a committed believer) read the Commendation from his office and presented me with the key to the city. This was followed by a Tribute complete with the seal of the Sussex County Council, a Tribute with the seal of the Senate of the State of Delaware, and a Tribute from the House of Representatives of the State of Delaware read personally by the representative of the district.

I could not help but feel that this event, held in our first state, could well have been historic.

For the record, I feel I should transcribe the document from the House, elegantly inscribed on 8 1/2″ x 14″ parchment-type paper and encased in a folder;

State of Delaware House of Representatives. Tribute. Be it known to all that the House of Representatives recognizes Dr. C. Peter Wagner As an Apostle For the Occasion of Commissioning Apostles in the State of Delaware. On this special day of the Commissioning Service, we honor Dr. C. Peter Wagner for his many years of faithful service to the Lord of Heaven and Earth, and the advancement of His Kingdom. ‘These things says He who is holy, He who is true, He who has the key of David, He who opens and no one shuts, and shuts and no one opens: I know your works. See I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it.” Rev. 3:7.’ The House of Representatives extends its sincere congratulations and directs this tribute to be presented on this 19th day of January 2012. (Signed) Robert F. Gilligan, Speaker of the House; Richard L. Puffer, Chief Clerk of the House, Representative Daniel B., Short, Sponsor.” 

I was delighted that fellow Global Spheres, Inc. members from New Jersey, John and Sheryl Price and Trisha Roselle came down from New Jersey to pray for us during the business meeting and to form our Prophetic Presbytery for the Commissioning Service. The Delaware Council of Apostles has formulated a charter document that is currently undergoing revision. When it is ready, I would hope that we could publicize it as a possible format for other states. I thought that the official sanction of the Government Mountain for this highly significant initiative in the Religion Mountain was notable. It would be interesting to know whether such a thing has happened in other states.

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20 comments on “A Recognized “Apostolic Government” in Delaware…..Huh?

  1. I received this email too – last night. I suppose, just like with Todd Bentley’s commissioning on June 23, 2008, a “powerful transaction” took place in the spirit realm with Wagner’s own recent commissioning.

    I heard Kentucky is the next state to topple, I mean, come into apostolic alignment. Just kidding. 🙂

    It’s too bad that the (true) apostle Paul didn’t manage to secure the official sanctioning of “the Government Mountain” for “the Religious Mountain” in his day. Imagine what more he could have accomplished!

  2. There’s a lot of things going on in this-just reading it thru once it sounds like something from a Star Wars script

    Then reading it thru again it sounds like something from someone who has an ego/ fantasy problem

    Very weird IMO

  3. Wow…I can’t help but wonder what the original & REAL Apostles would have thought of this.
    While these modern day “apostles” receive keys to the cities & other accolades, Jesus’ deciples ended up being tortured & dying for their faith. Would these modern men do the same?? Just don’t know what this all means & where it is leading…!?

  4. Katie, i don’t know exactly where all this is leading, but where-ever/whatever it ultimately leads to, its not going to be good for the Church in America. 😦

    The dominionist movement has already succeeded in blurring the line between religion and secular politics/government.

  5. I wonder if little old me who has her name in the Book of Life will find that it is “elegantly inscribed on 8 1/2″ x14″ parchment type paper and encased in a folder”. I do hope so…

    • Self – glory, power, and recognition in this world sure seems to be what they desire Jan.

      Even if they were to attain it all, it cannot compare to what you already have; your name inscribed in the Book of Life.

      Bleh! They can keep their old “elegantly inscribed parchment paper encased in a folder”

  6. I most openly confess that I hope for a brokered Republican convention. I have my popcorn ready!

  7. Yawn. Let the dead bury the dead. But I guess you expected that from Me. 🙂

  8. This is likely false … there is no reference at all to such a resolution on the Delaware General Assembly Website, and I can’t find any proof of a Delaware Council of Apostles online. One would think its formation would have been announced on the Web.

    • Can’t imagine Wagner sending out such a totally false email. He’d know the truth would completely discredit him even in “false apostle” circles.

      What is feasible is he may be exaggerating its significance and importance. I’m going to try and find out…

  9. All they need is their Constantine and watch them rise!

    Don’t know whether to laugh or weep.

  10. PJ:

    Why isn’t there anything on the official state assembly website? If he was given a tribute by the House of Representatives, how come it isn’t a matter of record?

    The only record online is C. Pete’s email and a couple of us bloggers.
    I see only 3 possibilities: it’s real, or it’s not real and C. Pete was hoodwinked, or C. Pete is hoodwinking.

    • Why isn’t there anything on the official state assembly website?

      Good question! It does make you wonder about this..

      I’m going to attempt to find some more info. If you (or anyone else) finds anything to substantiate Wagner’s claim, please share it!

  11. At Daily Kos:

    You’d have thought that such a “council” would have announced its existence on the Web. Remember, the NAR still doesn’t know that we surround them.

    It may take some calling around tomorrow to confirm, but for now it’s safe to say Wagner is blowing smoke. One would think there would be a paper trail to follow–but it isn’t there.

    Posted this morning by RuthT2A;

    I contacted the offices of Rep. Daniel B. Short and Rep. Richard Puffington and they confirmed that the tribute took place on January 19. I’m waiting for a pdf copy of the tribute.

  12. Classically, when a professed believer *needs* the approval of men, it’s because he’s insecure about the approval of God — grasping at a worldly surrogate for the peace that passes understanding. In this case, who knows, but it’s both the first and most cogent explanation that comes to mind.

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