Australia banned me. Please send money

LOL! Love the title of Rick Hiebert’s post… 


Boy it costs a lot to be an evangelist. Just ask Todd Bentley.

Earlier today, he sent an “urgent” e-mail asking his friends for financial support. In February, he plans to go to California and Haiti. What’s central in Todd’s mind is an upcoming trip to Australia, hopefully in June. We may remember that last week, he was refused entry into Australia, but if at first…

More at Bene Diction blog: Australia banned me. Please send money 


7 comments on “Australia banned me. Please send money

  1. Thanks for the kind mention…if Todd had a good copy editor, amybe he would have sent somthing like that… 🙂

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  3. This is the latest cut to a great man.Thirty people raised from the dead and not one has had the decency to come forward and thank Todd.If I remember it correctly didnt George banov speak over Todd .You are my beloved Son in whom im well pleased.Todd and The Apostle Rick are pretty close to the the lord and a number of old testiment prophets , not Samuel so far . They put in a word to there pals and australia could be in deep trouble Look what happened when Isreal rejected Christ….Dont do this mate Todds ways are not our ways.They are higher than our ways.Im still with the unholy Apostles Todds O k..no matter what.

    • Thirty people raised from the dead and not one has had the decency to come forward and thank Todd

      First, if anyone “was” raised from the dead Todd Bentley or any other human didn’t do it, God did. Second, the mere fact no one has come forward or spoke out says it all: No one was raised from the dead. 😉

  4. I was only having a little fun .pjmiller I think the whole movement is currupt,from Rick Joyner to all the other so called apostles.If there is one good thing about Todd his actions have revealed what liars the whole movement is filled with .That was why I wrote unholy apostles in my blog.Do you know what i find sad is that after all that took place at Lakeland and since.I mean where Rick Joyner and the others were revealed as frauds.Not one person I know of has left the movement.

    • I was only having a little fun

      Dave, you had me going there! ahahaha!!!! 🙂

      Glad to know you were just kidding..

      I went and had my first epidural-spinal injections this morning, it must have affected my brain! LOL

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