Tim Tebow cancels appearance at revival organized by Rod Parsley

Tim Tebow has canceled an appearance at a revival organized by a controversial Ohio preacher, a spokesman for the star athlete said Wednesday.

The Denver Broncos quarterback and dedicated Christian had been scheduled to speak at a three-day Columbus event in March led by televangelist Rod Parsley. Tebow’s brother Robbie said in a phone interview that he was canceling the talk. Robbie Tebow said his brother’s speakers’ bureau hadn’t researched the event before saying yes to the invitation. “I know for a fact that Tim is not going to be a part of it,” Robbie Tebow said. “That’s being resolved.”

Parsley’s gathering is called “Contending for the Faith Weekend.” Texas televangelist Kenneth Copeland, who also preaches the prosperity gospel, is another featured speaker, according to the event website.

Mark Youngkin, a spokesman for Parsley, said the quarterback has a contract with the event organizers, who have asked Tebow to reconsider. Youngkin said national advertising for the event had just been approved Tuesday. “The ball’s in their court at this point,” Youngkin said.  (Tim Tebow Cancels Talk With Rod Parsley, Ohio Prosperity Pastor)

Sounds like Parsley’s organization is ready to take legal action if Tebow is a no-show 


11 comments on “Tim Tebow cancels appearance at revival organized by Rod Parsley

  1. Tebow will be used by many profliteers such as Parsley. He is in the center of the public eye. I pray for him.

  2. I am sure the next step will be a lawsuit on Parsley’s part. Any event with Copeland involved is usually an event aimed at lightening people’s wallets. Great move by Tebow to boldly break from false teachers who teach heresy instead of repentance and forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ’s atoning work on the Cross!

  3. I like it and I really hope Parsley sues Tebow and I hope Tebow does nothing in return and blesses Parsley.

    Return good for evil and by doing so you heap coals upon their heads.

  4. If they sue, it will show what type of Christian Rod Parsley truly is.

  5. Why was Tebow mixing with Parsley in the first place?

  6. My pastor is what you would call a ‘prosperity’ preacher. In most places where the word ‘prosperity’ is spouted, it’s automatically assumed by those that have not heard the full extent of it that it either means ‘We use God to get what we want by our giving(what I USED TO believe),’ or ‘this or that pastor is just getting rich off of his congregation by telling them to give.’
    Let me state, for the sake of time that NEITHER of these is correct. If we start from a premise of which I believe we all can agree, that we can only receive from God what he believe He wants to give us, that the Prosperity Message IN ITS ENTIRETY is about BEING BLESSED TO BE A BLESSING. I do not tithe so that I can merely get a good return on my investment, as if the Kingdom of Heaven is some kind of bank. My desire, as well as the desire of ministers such as my own, or Kenneth Copeland, or Creflo Dollar (that’s his GIVEN last name, by the way, so please don’t get hung up over THAT) is that God uses PEOPLE (not dogs with bags around their necks with $$ to needy ministries) to finance His Kingdom purposes. Consider that if this is the case, why are churches closing down? Because of our overspiritualized view of “Blessed are the poor” (which goes on to say IN SPIRIT and refers to Chist’s mission to the UNSAVED- note the results), we then go on to take a religious attitude that we’re more holy by being broke! In the meantime, churches cannot exert a greater godly influence in this world because the means to do so never gets funded! Christians also have a ‘spiritual’ reason not to tithe, and instead of verses like 2 Cor 9:7 being about THE ATTITUDE in which we should give, it becomes an excuse as to why NOT to give, v.6 being completely glossed over.
    THE POINT: I believe Tim Tebow to be a godly man, so I would not malign him publicly. He has done much to be an example to the world by his testimony, and we can all praise God for that. But it DOES appear contradictory for ANY OF US to be critical of Kenneth Copeland or Rod Parsley of what possessions they may have (which they are entitled to have, and be accountable to God for having them-they may just be good businessman as well as preachers, which they CAN do, by the way). None of the comments above has said anything at all yet about all the ministries Kenneth Copeland has then turned around and contributed to, like prison ministries or overseas missions, a whole list of things he has been able to do because he understands the scope of 2 Cor. 9:6.
    It IS my desire that Pastor Parsley will cool down and realize the impact of suing another Christian Brother over backing out of an appearance. I believe he will, and I will pray to that effect.
    I’d like to close with a quote by Creflo Dollar, one of the Prosperity preachers mentioned above. He said: “God doesn’t want to prosper us so that we can be better CONSUMERS but better DISTRIBUTORS of the things He has for us.” If we won’t believe that God wants to bless us so that His Kingdom purposes will be funded through our giving by faith in love, the Kingdom of God will go unfunded because WE ARE the means by which God’s purposes will be done in the earth. I’d be very careful about saying anything bad about individuals before you know the kind of impact they have, or what they really believe without doing any due diligence.

    • I’d be very careful about saying anything bad about individuals before you know the kind of impact they have, or what they really believe without doing any due diligence.

      Gordon, those like Copeland, Dollar, etc. who have taught such outrageous unbiblical (or extra-biblical) doctrines, and have personally prospered from it, deserve our scrutiny and even our criticism.

  7. PJMiller,
    Thank you for posting my comments.
    Are you taking into account Rom. 13:1 and 2? If these men ARE ordained of God, and we name them publicly, will not then God have to take up THEIR defense against US?
    Consider that even Pharaoh was used by God for His purposes, as mentioned in Ex. 9:13-17 and mentioned again in Rom. 9:17,18.
    We all come at our understanding of who God is and what He has for us by 1) our means of revelation, whether that be from a mere head knowledge of the Word (what we can comprehend with our minds) or the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, which much of the Church has mistaken for Revelation Knowledge (supernatural, divinely given knowledge ‘spoken’ to our spirits by the Holy Spirit- cf. Rom.10:17 and note the word for ‘word’ is RHEMA and not LOGOS) rather than Head Knowledge (see 1 Cor. 2:9-14, esp. v.14); and 2) what our previous church (say, DENOMINATIONAL) indoctrination has been. I have learned to not assume that I have the full revelation of what God has for me just because so many others think the same way. I believe you and I already agree that majority opinion does not determine Truth.
    There are certain Fundamentalist preachers who say things I do not agree with, but I still DO NOT speak about them publicly, knowing that I will be held accountable for my actions. If we see problems in the Body of Christ with those in leadership, our job is to PRAY for them, not attack them. That makes us no better than Brother suing Brother, which you already see I disagree with. Even I will apply Gal. 6:1,2 in this regard. And if I cannot influence them directly, what better thing for me to do BUT to pray for them?
    Learn to deal with MOVEMENTS, not individuals. I noticed that one of the Fundamentalist preachers, whose opinions regarding the Charismatic Movement are totally opposite mine, STILL does not mention preachers by name in his book, and I respect him for that.
    I see in the Body of Christ a SERIOUS lack of respect for authority, of which maligning those preaching does not help, especially in your public forum.
    The onus is on you, my friend, to demonstrate how these men, which will be accountable to GOD and not you or me for their actions, have profited from their ministries. WE, however, WILL be accountable as to how we treat them.
    Thanks for your time.
    (footnote: if you’re going to mention the investigation done by Senator Grassley in 2008, be aware that Sen. Grassley himself named GLORIA Copeland Christian Woman of the Year prior to this investigation, and that HE did not precipitate this investigation. Rather it was set in motion by a supposed ‘ministry’ in Texas, which was then found to have problems of its own.)

    • Gordon, we have been gifted with the Word and discernment. amen?

      When men (or women) are obviously teaching false dangerous doctrines to the body of Christ it is the job of the church (thats you and i) to point it out. (“…he that is spiritual judgeth all things..” 1cor. 2:15)

      That doesn’t mean we nitpick at everything a teacher/preacher says, for we all can and do err, but it does mean when these folks are teaching false doctrines as the truth, we must point them out so as to warn others. False doctrines and those who teach them are “changing” the true Gospel, so in fact they are teaching a “different” Jesus. This means eternal souls are at stake Gordon.

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