Trinity Broadcasting Network Accused of Diverting Million$

In October, Paul Crouch Jr. abruptly left Trinity Broadcasting Corporation. The explanation given was vague.

This may have been the reason why; his daughter, Brittany Koper, former TBN CFO, is accusing the world’s largest religious broadcaster of diverting over 50 million dollars from charitable assets to the company’s directors.

The charges are leveled in a federal lawsuit filed by Crouch granddaughter Brittany Koper (far left) last week against her former lawyers, who also do legal work for TBN. “Observers have often wondered how the Crouches can afford multiple mansions on both coasts, a $50 million jet and chauffeurs,” said Tymothy MacLeod, Koper’s attorney. “And finally, with the CFO coming forward, we have answers to those questions.”  Bene Diction has the story here


15 comments on “Trinity Broadcasting Network Accused of Diverting Million$

  1. Where did the funds go? I’m guessing people’s pockets.

  2. Hi PJ: Thanks for the link. How are you feeling?

    • Hi Bene! Thanks for asking…

      Well i had my first epidural injection 2 weeks ago Wednesday and my leg is no longer having spasms. Just being able to sleep all night without “electrical jolts” going through my leg has been wonderful!! 🙂 I go for the 2nd injection next week for the back itself. The doctor said the success rate for it helping my back is slim, but he wants to try it anyway before talking about surgery. I’m hopeful…

      When i received your post (via feed) about TBN i was surprised. Its been awhile since i’d read anything about the network. Looks to be shaping up to be a huge story!

  3. They could end up making this one into a movie.

  4. While family feud makes for good copy – it would be productive if criminal charges could come out of this lawsuit.

    It has been awhile since TBN made news.

    Glad to hear you are able to sleep, it’s a step eh?

  5. PJ, you rest yourself up Sis!


  6. The ONLY thing that I find shocking about this story is that it has taken so long for it to become public. I have long suspected that there has been a lot of “Jim and Tammy” going on behind the scenes at TBN. While I really think that Paul and Jan have been well intentioned, the corrupting influence of money is far more powerful than most give it credit. “Big Religion” is no more immune to its rot than is “Big Government” or “Big Business”. The fact that our society allows such a massive concentration of wealth in the first place is a key ingredient for our destruction. It takes an enormous amount of arrogance to believe one’s self to be worth an annual paycheck of $400,000.00, let alone deserving more than that to the point of deserving to steal it if necessary. But many in America these days boldly attach that kind of value to themselves and much of the rest of society buys in to it. The biblical assertion that “all men are but dust” is given little credence in capitalist society. And the concept of capitalism itself is given biblical endorsement. So now TBN appears to be following in the steps of PTL. And it won’t be the last time this happens either. There are plenty of other sleazy “ministries” out there whose key spiritual gift is an ability to con people out of their last dollar.

    • They seem to be protected by some powerful lawyers. That could be why its only coming out now.

      You know George, back in the early 80’s i use to love TBN. In my area the TV picture wasn’t great but i watched anyway. Yes i agree, in the beginning i also believe their intentions were honorable.

    • Paul Crouch endorsed multiple heretics over the years. Recently Benny Hinn has be the most visible one. The common factor in all of these relationships usually, if not always, involved money. All of these heretics where known for their very lucrative “ministries”.

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