2 Roman Catholics + 1 Mormon =

Does anyone else think it ‘odd’ that all three front runners in the Republican party, a party long supported by the Christian Evangelical Right, claim religions which Evangelicals, not so long ago considered  heretical?  

It wasn’t that many years ago when the Catholic Church’s practice of exalting, worshiping, and praying to Mary was a hot topic in apologetics on Christian forums and blogs across the internet. It was considered idolatry. At the forum I worked at there were scores of messages/articles on the topic.

And Mormonism? It was so far out there it didn’t even get much discussion, only the label Cult!

Is it just a coincidence that Evangelical right-wing Christians, who have always claimed a candidates religion is VERY important, are now having to chose between two Roman Catholics and one Mormon? 

Personally, I don’t think so…


6 comments on “2 Roman Catholics + 1 Mormon =

    • Rick, an outstanding message!!

      But in reality the church has left THE Head and is now frolicking like a wild ass in the pastures of this world. She snorts loudly about temporal things and butts heads with the wild asses in the pastures of darkness. And being enamored with her earthly power and all her activity, she, like Samson, doesn’t know she has lost her power from on high.


  1. Personally, I don’t think the religious beliefs of presidents should be a dis-qualifier. Frankly, I will advise that citizens focus more on their policy rather than their faith. But you must be wondering God has a sense of humor for bringing us to this point. I think for the discerning mind the moment of truth is arriving this year. Giving the obsession with the current president’s faith. The question I have for those who insist he’s not a christian (not that i know he is or not) – You see if want to judge someone as unfit to lead this “Judeo-Christian” nation (whatever that means)because he’s not a christian you have to be consistent or else the larger public will see your faith/religion as politics. You simply end equating republican to christian. Even if the evangelical right has a clone of James Dobson and Pat Robertson in congress or in the white house it will not arrest the depravity in our hearts or that of our fellow men.

    • Amen…all excellent points RxY!

      But you must be wondering God has a sense of humor for bringing us to this point.

      It does make you wonder 🙂

      You have the Evangelical political right, who frankly have devolved into a group who’s main concern is a candidates religion, in a pickle!

  2. What about Ron Paul?

  3. The evangelicals who are front and center in politics, i.e. Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, and George W. Bush, are thought of as ignorant hicks and seem unable to disprove it. Faith should not be a disqualifier, but neither should it be used as bait to milk votes from the faithful. The cause of Christ is dragged through the mud every four years.

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