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Pan-Evangelicalism Driven “Off-Message”. . .

. . . by diverting attention from the Gospel to ineffective political attempts to legislate morality

An Editorial by Rev. Dr. Orrel Steinkamp

We oldies lament how American culture has changed especially in the last 50 years. The Christian influence that shaped Western culture worldwide through the 19th century has given way to practical atheism and moral relativism. In the name of equal rights, political correctness and tolerance the sings of gross immorality, pornography, abortion, sexual immorality and divorce (in and out of the church) and homosexuality have become sanctioned in the wider society.

So what is the body of Christ to do about it? Is it just a political problem that can solved politically? In the last several decades evangelicals have promoted a political solution to what is seen as a political problem. But America’s moral decline is not essentially a political problem. It is a spiritual problem, and consequently its solution is the Gospel, not partisan politics.

Evangelicals have become known in the wider culture as primarily a political force. Howard Fineman, a liberal/progressive political analyst, has stated the obvious in stark terms:

“In the new ruling class, ‘revival tent’ proponents are driving out the old ‘big tent’ advocates.” This new “God’s own party” is a “doctrinally schizophrenic coalition… to create a better country….” It “unites Catholic traditionalists who especially revere the papal hierarchy, evangelical, fundamentalist and charismatic Protestants; some strands of Judaism, including those ultra-orthodox on social issues… and Mormons, who ironically aren’t regarded as Christians by most other members of the coalition.”  

This evangelical political movement is led by a bevy of religious political operatives. Combining excessive patriotism and political activism, the Gospel message has been quietly under-emphasized. Rank and file evangelicals in all innocence have signed on to this moral political crusade. Conversely, many progressive/liberal media analysts depict evangelicals as political activists pure and simple. I know that writing this I may be misunderstood. Be assured, I also loathe abortion and abominate the practice of homosexuality. But an all-out public cultural war by Christian political operatives creates many anomalies and misunderstandings to an unbelieving society looking on.

The unbelieving media has learned quite well that the Christian Political Right is actually propelled – not only to legislate morality – but behind it all, often hidden, many Christian political operatives operate from a base/core motivation that goes beyond even patriotic and political moral solutions. Liberal analysts commonly report on the Internet that the Christian Right is a “front” for Christian Dominion/Totalitarian rule of the culture.

Continued Here, Pan-Evangelicalism Driven “Off-Message”. . .


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