Open Doors: Growth of Christianity in Iran ‘Explosive’

Despite the Iranian government’s ongoing crackdown of Christians living in the primarily Islamic country, the number of Muslims converting to become Christians is growing at an explosive rate, according to the persecution watchdog group Open Doors USA.

There is even talk of witnessing a Christian revival, especially among young people living in the country, say Open Doors ministry workers in the Middle East. A house church movement within Iran is part of that revival and has triggered “many secret meetings.” The growth in the number of Christians is happening in all regions, but mostly in larger cities, say Open Doors workers in the region….

As The Christian Post has previously reported, although the established church in countries such as Iran suffers great violence, it is the underground, invisible church that continues to grow. Christians are putting their lives at risk for their continued faith. According to Open Doors USA President and CEO Carl Moeller, a stream of Christianity has arisen in the Middle East’s invisible church, sometimes referred to as the Muslim Background Believer Church.

“Men and women, out of emptiness of their current situation spiritually, are turning to faith in Jesus Christ despite the literally lethal risks in doing so,” Moeller said. That’s only attributable to the work of the Holy Spirit.” 

Also, at work is a common personality trait of the Iranian people, says another Open Doors worker from the Middle East region.

“Iranians are very outgoing and want to speak about their faith,” the ministry worker said. “That is why discipleship training (with elements of outreach and communications) for Iranian believers is successful. If you tell them that a Christian should share, the Iranian Christian shares.”

An estimated 200 Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) were living in Iran 40 years ago, according to Open Doors. Now, the number of MBBs is estimated to be 370,000.

Iran also has the presence of the traditional Armenian and Assyrian church with about 80,000 members, Open Doors reports. These churches are presently free to have meetings in the language of its members, but they are not allowed to reach out to the Farsi-speaking Muslims. According to the Iranian government, there are about 200,000 Christians living in Iran, Open Doors stated. (Full article at CPost)

This is wonderful news! Praise the Lord! 

A report like this should cause every follower of Christ to seriously question the motives behind Christian leaders who have been promoting the bombing of  Iran.


7 comments on “Open Doors: Growth of Christianity in Iran ‘Explosive’

  1. These are some of the people Mr. Hagee would like to nuke

    • True. John Hagee and CUFI members attempt to pressure certain members of Congress to nuke Iran every year at their Washington CUFI gatherings.

      The fact that Iran has been and is experiencing “Muslims converting to become Christians…at an explosive rate” by the working of the Holy Spirit, tells me they are most definitely NOT being led by the Lord.

  2. Persecution always made the church strong and multiply – Prosperity and easy wellness living always is weakening and deluting it.
    Let’s pray especially for those countries!

  3. “Wherein I suffer trouble, as an evil doer, even unto bonds; but the word of God is not bound.”

    The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church. You think the leaders of Iran can overcome God’s power? This is the work of God, not the real life game of Risk that seeks to capture countries by violence and war.

    I rejoice in God’s gospel and my new brothers and sisters in Christ! May God be glorified through their witness. While men like Hagee receive accolades for their support of Israel, the Spirit of God seeks to bring lost sinners, including Muslims, and bring them to Christ.

  4. Amen Jesaja and Rick! 🙂

  5. This is wonderful news indeed. It’s especially exciting to hear that the Iranian believers are becoming known for their boldness and passion to share their faith with those who don’t know Christ. A couple of other sources I’ve come to know about regarding what God is doing in Iran are these:

    [1] the 2009 testimony of Reza Safa, a former Shiite Muslim: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=0sL2c6rr5dI

    [2] http://www.revivaliniran.org

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