The Voice of Heresy at Liberty University

Yesterday this news story come over my feeds and I’d planned on putting up a post about it, but Rick Frueh’s message says it all… 


What would you call a person who believes he can become a god?

What would you call a person who insists Jesus and Satan were brothers?

What would you call a person who says God the Father had sex with one of his wives and gave birth to Jesus and Lucifer?

What would you call a person who says a person could be baptized and saved after they were dead?

More: An Aspiring God Speaks at Liberty University


That’s “Dr.” Glenn Beck, thanks to Liberty University

Let Him be Accursed… 



6 comments on “The Voice of Heresy at Liberty University

  1. There are so many things happening in our day that sometimes it makes my head spin. Thanks for posting PJ.

    • Good to see you Cathy, hope you all are doing well 🙂

      Yes it can sure make your head spin…lately it seems to make me feel extremely tired.

  2. I’m with you on the “extremely tired” thing.

    I have watched people go from “Mormons are cultists” to “Well, maybe they’re okay in politics” and now to “Mormons are really Christians” in the past few years. I don’t understand.

    • Ken, thank you for sharing that you feel the same way. As strange as it may sound it makes me feel better. Sometimes i wondered if something was wrong with me..

      I don’t understand

      Neither do i. 😦

  3. Dealing with people involved in a cult is always confusing. That’s why thinking isn’t encouraged, only feeling and waiting for the”burning in the bosom”. Christians who should know better think it’s the same Spirit they wait for so that they don’t have to think either.

  4. I suppose Protestants might have made similar lists about Kennedy at one time, but of course the important thing is to ensure that some folks are always left out in the cold.

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