World ‘Nut’ Daily’s Joseph Farah promoting Hebrew Roots teacher Michael Rood

How apropos: two nuts coming together…


If you’re not familiar with [Michael] Rood’s amazingly insightful teachings of Hebrew roots, there’s plenty more that will “blow you away,” says WND founder Joseph Farah. Rood has earned a reputation as the “Messianic Matador,” who waves his tattered red cape in the face of the religious “bull” of his generation. His television series, “Prepare for A Rood Awakening from Israel,” has been heralded as the most energetic exposition of scriptural truth to come out of Israel in over a millennium.

More at Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion 

The Church two of my children (and their families) have attended for years, was almost destroyed by the infiltration of the Hebrew Roots movement. In particular, the teachings of Michael Rood. Thankfully the Lord intervened.

*Excellent blog for researching the Hebrew Roots movement: Joyfully Growing In Grace



5 comments on “World ‘Nut’ Daily’s Joseph Farah promoting Hebrew Roots teacher Michael Rood

  1. Not just this guy. I’ve seen all kinds of oddities over the years, being pushed by the WND store. Just this week I got this in my email from WND.

    I thought Farah was a Catholic. It all makes me wonder who he’s got running the religion section.

    Some things I see make me wonder if some variety of pop dispensationalism will be part of the great end times apostasy. They chase after such novelties!

    (I suppose I should set up an email rule, that moves anything from WND into junk.)

    • Hi Lee…

      I don’t think Farah is Catholic. If im not mistaken he claims to be an Evangelical/Christian Zionist. He promotes (at WND) Hebrew Roots teachers/authors.

      See the video below:

      Interview with Joseph Farah, CEO of WorldNetDaily – Passion For Truth Ministries

      (*Passion for Truth ministry promotes the teaching of the Torah to all nations)

      Some things I see make me wonder if some variety of pop dispensationalism will be part of the great end times apostasy.

      Frankly i think it already is.

    • Funny thing is as a non-Christian believer in “Nature’s god” of the Founders, I would’ve bought this in an instant.

      I also found the Left Behind books really fascinating.

      That should tell you who this is appealing to. A lot of people (me included) are suckers for feeling empowered via Gnosis and creative writers make boat loads of money because of our stupidity.

  2. Joseph Farah and WND promote many unorthodox teachers and books. Yes, he promotes Michael Rood who was a leader in the cult The Way International, whose founder was no friend of the Historic Christian faith as is evident from his book “Jesus Christ Is Not God” I wrote Joseph Farah an email voicing my concern about Rood, and Joe Kovacs. Kovacs has duped many Evangelical Christians. His teachings and statements are very similar to that of Herbert W Armstrong. That is a RED FLAG!. The Berean Call ministry has an excellent article on Farah and WND promoting Rood and Kovacs. It’s worth reading: http://www.thebereancall.org/content/october-2012-extra-1 Dr John Juedes a scholar on The Way International and it’s off-shoots has some excellent material on Rood here: http://www.abouttheway.org Click on Under Roods name. Also on the left side click on splinter groups. How Farah and WND can speak about how bad the book The Shack is, and not say anything about Kovacs and Rood is mind boggling. I guess if the check clears the bank, then it’s OK to promote these men.

    May God Help Us!

    • Amen James, may God help and shield us from the Joseph Farah’s of this world.

      They are at the least stumbling blocks and possibly even enemies of the Cross.

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