If your favorite Christian leader is seen in this picture – please end your support

Posted on Facebook by Jackie Alnor and Steve Lumbley

“Ecumenical traitors – If your favorite Christian leader is seen in this picture – please end your support of that ministry now”

*Photos and Info: Under God: INDIVISIBLE  Leadership Conference, Hosted by James Robison


14 comments on “If your favorite Christian leader is seen in this picture – please end your support

  1. I’m surprised Ravi Zacharias was on there. I thought he was more sensible than that. I wonder if all the attention really has gone to his head or maybe I just don’t know enough about him.

  2. Most of the faces are those of the usual suspects. Ravi, of course, is the surprise … but perhaps not. Ravi Zacharias accepted an invitation some time ago to speak before the Mormon Church. He did not accept that invitation in order to tickle their ears. In fact, he delivered to them a pretty forthright prophetic message. So without knowing what his message to this group was, I find it hard to condemn him. It can easily become a guilt by association issue. In the case of most of the rest of the faces, I did not need to read this post in order to know that they are wolves in sheep skins.

  3. Is it appropriate to describe anyone as a “traitor”? It’s not a word that should be used about anyone that we feel has gone off the rails. Such hateful language brings discernment ministries into disrepute.

    • I can’t speak for Jackie Alnor, but i assumed her use of the term traitor was in connection to the Gospel being betrayed.

      Traitor: A person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc.
      Noun: betrayer, deserter, turncoat, deceiver, informer, renegade, defector, Judas, apostate, etc.

    • I have to say, I share some of the same sentiments on this, even though I, myself, used the term “wolves in sheep skins”. I really do think it is better to stick with biblical language. We DO need to warn people, but we also need to refrain as much as possible from fighting words and the us against them mentality. No man is our enemy. Our fight is NOT against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities and we DO need to pray that the eyes of the blind be opened and NOT that they be struck by lightning although sometimes that is what our flesh strongly and at times, justifiably desires.

  4. My favorite christian leader sits at the right hand of Majesty on high.
    Mat 23:10 Do not be called leaders; for One is your Leader, that is, Christ.

  5. Thank you, davo!! And AMEN!

  6. Thank you for bringing this to our attention PJ.

    False and deceptive teachings send people to hell. How serious is that? True love speaks the truth. Unfortunately those who point out gross error have often been criticized and labeled unloving and divisive. We look for signs of the end times … here they are right in front of us. So sad.

    My husband did a post on the conference. Here is the link …



  8. These are not Christian leaders—nice doggie nice doggie NO ITS A WOLF.

  9. i don’t see the photo this is talking about … the link is disabled / the page is unavailable:
    *Photos and Info: Under God: INDIVISIBLE Leadership Conference, Hosted by James Robison

    • Looks like the page was removed. It was probably taken down after the conference took place. Thanks for pointing it out 🙂

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