Prominent Christians claim not voting for Romney is a sin

Call them religious but please STOP referring to these people as Christians! 


Rick Green and David Barton, prominent leaders of the Wallbuilders organization, have apparently stepped over a rather remarkable line when it comes to both church/state separation and in Green’s case, the tax exempt status for churches.

According to Right Wing Watch, the pair were on Wallbuilders Live on July 19, along with Matt Barber, and said in as many words that not voting for Romney in November’s election is a sin against the Christian god.

Barber: We are admonished in Scripture to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Now the wise thing to do is to go in and support Mitt Romney because, again, the alternative is catastrophic.

Green: Absolutely. And like you said, not voting is not only a dereliction of duty, it’s really anti-Biblical. It’s actually being the servant, remember the parable where they gave the talents? It’s being the one that buried their talent. Well that was described in the Bible as being a wicked and slothful servant. I don’t want to be that one, man, I want to be one of the other guys.

Barton: So why do we have a question here? Because he’s a Mormon? Hey, we’ve got to get past labels. Just like Obama’s Christian label means nothing, Romney’s Mormon label means nothing. What matters is the fruit, which one is going to produce more biblical fruit …

There’s only two options Christians have. Christians do not have the option of sitting this one out. You do not have that option, it is not a possibility. You will stand before God and He will say “I gave you your vote, what did you do with your vote?” And we can’t just say “well, I chose to sit this one out.”

Green: Especially in a situation like this where so much is at stake. What’s the verse, when you know what to do and you do nothing? That’s sin!

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9 comments on “Prominent Christians claim not voting for Romney is a sin

  1. Attempting to manipulate and control other people is a sin!

  2. How many people will actually fall for this? 2012 the year the harlotry of the religious right is revealed for people with discernible minds.

  3. The urge to refrain from voting grows stronger…

  4. This misapplicatoins of scripture here are just *so* obvious. How do people fall for this stuff? The Bible tells us that Christians are “known” by their fruits. It implies that either their fruits confirm their faith or deny it, NOT that their fruits somehow demonstrate that one NON-believer is better (more biblical, whatever that means) than another NON-believer.

    Again, Jesus instructed us “My KIngdom is *not* of this world.” These people have so confused Jesus’ Kingdom with this world that they betray their own spiritual depravity. I just can’t believe that people pay attention to their prattle.

    • This misapplicatoins of scripture here are just *so* obvious. How do people fall for this stuff?

      Anymore George they don’t even seem to fall for this type of nonsense, but eagerly accept it! Sadly it doesn’t take much coaxing in order to get folks to believe a lie they already “want” to believe.

  5. Could it be possible that, in defending Romney’s candidacy, these Christians, whose apologetics are out to lunch anyway, have compromised all that’s true for political appointments? Nah, what was I thinking?

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