Is Christian Zionism Compatible With the Two-State Solution?

Thousands of evangelical Christians descended on Washington this week for the seventh annual Christians United for Israel (“CUFI”) conference. Their goal: defend America and bless Israel.

Efforts to forge peace in the Middle East have dominated United States foreign policy for more than two decades, with every president since George H.W. Bush wading into the same treacherous waters and failing to broker a permanent solution to the crisis. Yet even with contentious disagreements on a dauntingly wide range of issues, everyone including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas agrees on one thing: the goal of forging a two-state solution.

Everyone, except for millions of America’s most influential voters.

As one of the most strident voting blocs in American politics, evangelicals have shaped some of the country’s most controversial domestic policy debates, from abortion to gay rights.

A growing coalition within the larger evangelical movement has also begun to quietly shape a much different debate involving the future of Israel. These self-described Christian Zionists present a quandary for those hoping for a two-state solution, since Christian Zionists believe the Bible altogether precludes the formation of two states.

This stance puts them at odds with the official positions of the Israeli government and Palestinian authorities, as well as the United States, the United Nations, and the European Union. Nevertheless, Christian Zionists have evolved into a powerful constituency in the United States.

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It’s always struck me as weird that at least 71% of Israeli citizens (that number was from 2011..could be higher today) supports a Two-State Solution, but outside forces, namely American Christian Zionists, do not. And that these “outsiders” will do anything they can to prevent it happening. Don’t you find it strange or even presumptuous on their part to believe “they know best?”  


3 comments on “Is Christian Zionism Compatible With the Two-State Solution?

  1. The issue is fairly simple. If Israel as a middle east nation is what God references in the New Testament, and if God desires a return to Davidic borders through any means necessary, then we all should reject a two state solution. But the overwhelming evidence is that when God refers to Israel He is referring to the Jewish people, and those who continue to reject the Messiah Jesus have been cut off. There are some hints about a final sovereign miracle which reveals Jesus to the hardened hearts of the living Jews, and that remnant will repent and be saved. That is my belief and hope.
    However any blind support for the secular nation of Israel, including a suggestion of Biblical direction for that support, is both fanciful as well as an unscriptural meshing of the Old and New Testaments. And at its fanatical zenith, professing believers even suggest that unbelieving Jews can be saved through Moses. That is a great heresy and one that even leads to the support of violence against women and children, which are called collateral damage in antiseptic war parlance. This is not to imply that the Palestinians and Arabs are without sin. It is an abominable mess which has unfortunately drawn in many believers and led them to take sides. Our only Master is Jesus, and our only message is the gospel. Let us pray that many Jews and Arabs will come to faith in Christ before it is too late. Embedded within Israel and most of the Arab nations are faithful missionaries who daily risk their very lives to reach precious souls.
    They are God’s army.

  2. Is Christian Zionism compatible with the Two-State solution? Obviously no since Zionism suggests that God’s people dwell in all of the land promised to Abraham between the Nile and Euphrates rivers (Genesis 15:18) which would include part of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and the territories held by the Palestinians. Therefore, to divide what little land the modern nation of Israel now holds would make Zion literally impossible because an agreement to share the land would not fulfill the promise.

    But the questions that should be asked are whether or not the two-state solution is desirable and whether or not this peace agreement will in fact become a reality? Again obviously any agreement that will bring peace is certainly worth developing particularly since a peaceful Middle-East would help calm global tensions.

    In fact much of the hostility between Muslim and Jew would soften because there would then be a foundation for building a workable harmony between these two ancient adversaries. Although the two-state solution was first discussed in London back in the late 60’s and 70’s and despite the Madrid conference in the 80’s, Oslo in the 90’s and the recent Road Map to peace all efforts have failed to bring the two sides together.

    It appears to me that the Christian Zionist are dead wrong on this issue because their efforts to build Zion only creates more tension and hostility between the Palestinian and Jew which of course does not honor the commandments of Jesus

    Christ to love thy neighbor and to love thine enemies. Will the politics of Zion continue to prevent a two-state solution? No.

    The Bible tells us in Joel chapters 2 and 3 that the LORD is jealous for His land (2:18) and will punish the nations that come against it and HAVE DIVIDED the land (3:2). In fact not only does the Bible say that the land shall be divided but Daniel 11:39 states that the anti-Christ shall divide the land for a gain.

    Therefore at some point there will be an agreement to divide the land unless this division took place a long time ago for which I can find no historical recording of such an event. Yes, the nation of Israel was once divided between the House of Israel and the House of Judah and the land was conquered by invading empires but neither event was followed by the Day of the LORD nor have those events fulfilled the prophecies as described by the prophets.

    Does this make the Christian Zionist effort to prevent a two-state solution righteous? No, because they want to build Zion regardless of the cost to millions of lives thinking that their work will bring back Jesus Christ but they have ignorantly become stooges for the anti-Christ’s design to rule in Jerusalem. How can opposing a two-state solution help the anti-Christ when the anti-Christ wants to divide the land?

    The devil knows that Psalm 83 states that the nations surrounding Israel will conspire together to destroy the nation of Israel forever and he also knows that God is going to punish the House of Esau (Obadiah). The present day nations that surround Israel are the House Esau consisting of Palestinians, Jordan and parts of Lebanon, Syria and Egypt and these nations that hold the land that was once promised to Abraham are indeed conspiring to destroy Israel and will use the peace agreement to weaken Israel enough to destroy it. It won’t be long after the peace agreement is established before an incident will bring the two enemies against one another.

    The Christian Zionist will be so happy when God destroys the nations of Esau and will jump for joy when they see the land promised to Abraham fall into the hands of the Jews that he will think that their Messiah is coming. And as a result the Zionist will encourage the worship of the king of the Jews when he does come never realizing that this king will not be Jesus Christ but the anti-Christ.

    Further, MANY OF THE Christian Zionist movement are so caught up into thinking that their efforts to build Zion please God that they do not understand that the coming war in the Middle-East will also cause the prophecies of Ezekiel 38 and 39 (World War III) to be fulfilled. It is foolish thinking to believe that the rest of the Muslim world is going to obediently sit by and watch their brotherhood surrounding Israel get destroyed.

    Because so many of these Christians are taught that the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 and 39 is the battle of Armageddon they have also trusted in the pre-tribulation rapture teaching to avoid dealing with the advent of a false Zion. The best weapon the devil employs is that which makes the believer think that there is no need to understand the prophecies of the last days since they won’t be here or that the prophecies have already been fulfilled in the distant past.

    Had they took a serious interest in prophecy beyond the pre-tribulation rapture they would have known that World War III takes place before tribulation even begins and that this war is the catapult by which the anti-Christ rises to power in Israel. And since many of them have also been taught that tribulation is seven years of pure hell on earth those that survive this terrible war will be tempted to believe that the mighty miracles and signs of wonders practiced by the false prophet proves to them that their king is coming.

    But the truth is that the devil will build a false Zion after World War III by miraculously healing a war torn world and for 3 ½ years the nations will experience an unprecedented recovery beyond our imagination to justify the teachings of Mystery Babylon the Mother of Harlots who will convince our world that god is coming to the new temple in Jerusalem in the land promised to Jacob.

    When the anti-Christ does finally arrive in Jerusalem the world will be enamored with their peace, safety and comfort particularly after the devastation of World War III they will eagerly accept their new king who will claim to be of the root of David. The living branch and promised king of global Israel. Therefore they will gladly take his seal upon their foreheads or in their hand and think nothing of the fact that this mark will be the seal of Solomon which is incorrectly identified as the star of David (Acts 7:43 and Amos 5:26).

    I know that most who read this little article will not accept its content but I hope some will remember this in the days ahead because the two-state solution marks the beginnings of sorrows (Matthew 24: 4-8) and recent world events have put all the pieces together so that this peace agreement will come to pass. Sooner rather than later. Every prophet from Isaiah to Zechariah spoke of a punished Zion and of a true Zion. Of a punished Israel and of a saved remnant and of a true Messiah and of a false.

    That is why the devil will counterfeit the promises of Zion before the true promises are fulfilled in order to deceive even the elect of God. I Pray blessing, truth and peace upon all and that we are willing to endure until the end by learning and teaching for the sake of others.

  3. Thanks for commenting brothers. 🙂

    The question (Is Christian Zionism Compatible With the Two-State Solution?) is undoubtedly no.

    American Christian Zionists will never accept any type of peace (or peaceful sharing of the land) between the two parties involved. Their chosen theological and eschatological views will never allow it.

    As their personal views ignore so many important biblical truths, and misinterpret others, their activist movement cannot be anything but unbiblical.

    Came upon an interesting letter this evening: An Open Letter to America’s Christian Zionists.

    Its well worth reading..

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