Cindy Jacobs’ – Nuts on Parade

Good grief. Where DO these folks come up with these wild ideas?  

Cindy Jacobs’ Reformation Prayer Network is helping to bring a prayer tent outside of the White House South Lawn, which is “a fulfillment of Cindy Jacobs’ vision of the “X” over our nation that transforms into a Bridal Canopy.”

Source, rightwingwatch


3 comments on “Cindy Jacobs’ – Nuts on Parade

  1. Reformation prayer network?

    Sometimes I think folks like her are 2 or 3 steps away from a Munster episode.


  2. Nationalism is a very strong deception. It leads to all kinds of compromise and idlotry.

  3. Another Cindy Jacobs fiasco was back in 08 when she (along with others) traveled to New York in order to lay hands on the Wall Street Bull.

    A Picture of Idolatry…

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