Interesting Quote

“The religious Right will cross over theological lines to connect with someone politically, but will never cross over political lines to connect with someone theologically”

From The Strange Link Between Mormons and the Christian Right


3 comments on “Interesting Quote

  1. Ooooooh, good one!

  2. The “one world church” has many compexities, and it will not come just through one avenue. Beck has his “Restoring Love” rallies are only one of the many compromising events. One is headed by James Robison and inlcudes Roman Catholic priests, an unbelieving Jew, as well as Glenn Beck himself. Becks name does not appear, but he spoke at the Dallas event and was given a standing ovation.

    • Yes i agree. There will be (and are) a number of avenues.

      Its probably been 12 years ago that the Holy Spirit revealed to me that the apostasy was like an onion: many layered. As soon as one layer is peeled away, there is another one underneath it. I’ve wondered if the core, when finally revealed, will be this one world church. There’s no doubt in my mind it’s being built by satan today.

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