WND’s Jerome Corsi: Lone Nut on Parade

WorldNetDaily’s own number one in-house bat-crazy conspiracy theorist, Jerome Corsi, has come up with a real doozy this time.

Video posted by TeaPartyorg – WAS OBAMA MARRIED BEFORE HE WAS MARRIED (*to a man)

Its this type of nutty stuff that makes me wonder why so many Christians, with clear conscience, continue to list WorldNetDaily on their websites as a ‘reputable news source.’  I just don’t get it…


4 comments on “WND’s Jerome Corsi: Lone Nut on Parade

  1. WND has excellent info.. Please do not send me anymore of YOUR stuff !!
    Apostle JMS

    • “Apostle” Jms, i don’t have a clue who you are or what you’re talking about; i don’t send out anything to folks who visit my blog.

      WND has excellent info

      Thanks for the laugh. I needed one this evening. 🙂

  2. Logging into my news feeds this evening this was the first thing i saw.

    Radio talk show host Bryan Fischer weighed in on the shooting at a Sikh temple over the weekend where a racist neo-Nazi murdered six people and injured several others:

    “Fischer declared that the shooter was obviously a liberal because he was a Nazi who didn’t like Herman Cain” link

    I’m aware this is totally off topic (Obama was married to a man), but what it is, is further proof of the insanity that has gripped this nation.

    Folks, we don’t need to look for the coming of God’s judgment upon America, for its already been administered. God has chosen to allow a spirit of madness to envelope the land.

  3. Pardon an even further digression into what could quickly become an issue of eschatology but what do you think is going to happen to Christians in America at the hands of other ‘Christians’? Is the judgment on America that you refer to separate from any prophesied judgment or do you believe it is part of the Great Tribulation?

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