Dominionist Os Guinness Warns of Loss of Freedom in America

This article at the Christian Post had me laughing out-loud.

Once in awhile I’ll jump in with a comment at the CPost. With this article, the urge to comment was too strong to resist. 

Don’t know why Os Guinness would be warning us about the ‘lack of freedom’ in the US. Last i checked Mr. Guinness and all the other “reclaim the 7 mountains/dominionist” teachers haven’t lost their freedom. They’re still openly and ‘freely’ (without fear of reprisal) spreading biblical heresy. 

Sorry, I’m sure my comment sounds catty, but the irony of someone like Os Guinness who helps promote the domionionist movement and its teachers, writing a book about loss of freedom in America just struck me as funny.


8 comments on “Dominionist Os Guinness Warns of Loss of Freedom in America

  1. And just what freedom is that to which he refers? Freedom for abortion; freedom for pornography; freedom for adultery; freedom for all sorts of hedonism. Are these the freedoms to which he refers. earthly freedom always comes with fallen baggage. But the freedom found only in Jesus Christ is pure and eternal. And we now have the freedom to pray, and how effective is the church using that freedom? It is a sham at best.

  2. PJ, I think you’ve confused Os Guinness with Os Hillman. Mr Guinness has been a guest on White Horse Inn– not exactly a next of Dominionism, last I checked….

    • Thanks for pointing out i’d posted the wrong link Fred! I got caught up reading a few articles at herescope and crossroads and mistakenly linked to the wrong one. I’ll be sure to change it in the post. As far as Os Guinness not being involved with the teachings and teachers involved in the domionionist movement, i believe if you’ll do some goggling you’ll find he is.

      The correct ones are below:

      Mainstreaming Dominionism:

      You might be surprised to learn about who is now connected to the 7 Mountain “mandate” of Dominionism.[4] It has become a widespread teaching in the evangelical world, and many of its adherents aren’t fully aware of how dark and dreadful the full-blown Dominionist agenda truly can become. One of the common denominators for Dominionists is the belief that the church should change the world – not just impact the world as salt and light, but actually control the world, particularly the State (government). This theology appeals to many, and has deep roots in church history….

      A key conference headed by Os Hillman in 2008 launched the “Church in the Workplace” movement by bringing in Lance Wallnau and his “Reclaiming the 7 Mountains” agenda.[6] Herescope wrote about the significance of this conference in “Rethinking Eschatology: Dominionists on the Move.” Kent Humphreys, popular speaker and marketplace transformation leader, spoke on the “Business/Religion Mountain” and “apostle” Linda Rios Brook talked about the “Media Mountain.” Other prominent evangelical speakers were listed as well.

      Other names, many of them mainstream evangelical, listed on the speaker’s bureau include John Ashcroft, Rick Joyner, Os Guinness, Miraslav Volf, Ed Silvoso, Bill Hybels, and Bill McCartney

      Also see:

      *WHOSE Global Kingdom Come? – When the Great Commission Ended – and Dominion Began

      *An Evangelical Manifesto for an Interfaith World:

    • Sorry to have to inject this again, but I have a real problem with assuming people guilty because they happen to be a speaker at a get together being promoted by the usual suspects. UNLESS we have actually heard or seen transcripts of the speeches in question, we have no way to know whether these people actually are fellow travelers or if they simply were trying to leverage an invitation for the purpose of boldly proclaiming a prophetic challenge to the lost sheep in the crowd of dedicated heretics. If people indeed fit the pattern of dominionists, it is certainly OK to label them as such, but if the only connection is some speaker list, I don’t think we should jump to conclusions. – George

  3. OK … for anyone looking for deeper insights into Os Guiness’ perspective on “freedom”, I suggest you first look over his recent book which I suspect is the basis of whatever it was he presented at the dominionist event. To me, that perspective does not seem very dominionist, but rather pretty complex and thought provoking. Indeed his comments about one person’s “freedom” by necessity endangering another person’s freedom would seem to contradict the who idea of dominionism. But I leave it to you all to look over the book itself entitled: “A Free People’s Suicide: Sustainable Freedom and the American Future”. You really need not even run out and buy a copy. There is plenty of information on Amazon to give you the drift.


  4. George, i hope you’ve come to know me well enough through my posts to know recklessly jumping to conclusions is something i try to avoid.

    My motto is “research, research, and more research” 🙂

    • PJ, I really have no idea what he actually said in his presentation at the event in question. I can only evaluate him based on the excerpts from his book. And on that level, the dominionists EPITOMIZE the very threats to our freedoms that he is outlining in the book. Additionally, Os Guiness makes statements like that he seriously questions the concept of “American Exceptionalism”. How can a dominionist take a position like that? How does this all make sense? Perhaps you know something I don’t know about this. Otherwise, I simply can’t see were one can make the case that he is a dominionist.

    • The article at herescope linked to in my comment (above) refers to those being involved in practicing Dominion “lite”;

      The NAR isn’t the only group promoting the 7 mountains. Wagner and his NAR crowd are the ones getting all of the media attention because of their zany antics. But there is a whole backup crew of organizations that have been around for decades, pumping out the doctrines of restoring or redeeming the fallen culture by integrating the Church into the various hubs of Society. This isn’t about the narrow group of Reconstructionists that the mainstream press has caricatured for years. Rather, generic Dominionism has now reached out into the mainstream evangelical milieu via conferences, books, technology, and media. There is even sophisticated image marketing for branding certain forms of Dominionism…..they market themselves in a different niche.

      Also see An Evangelical Manifesto for an Interfaith World

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