The New Apostolic Reformation and Politics Today

Interesting article by Bruce Wilson at Talk2Action,

Convention Blessed By New Apostolic Reformation Leader Samuel Rodriguez


4 comments on “The New Apostolic Reformation and Politics Today

  1. Again, all of this to elect a non-Christian. I have realized that this campaign season, I will have to explain many times why I can’t vote for Mitt Romney. Yes, he has the business acumen, but the danger lies in the Church turning a professing Christian out of the White House and allowing the false doctrine in. I see it as the anti-Christ testing the waters.

  2. Samuel Rodriguez spoke at James Robison’s “Under God, Indivisible” conference. BTW, Romney’s touted “business acumen” seems to make a few wealthy and many not so much, Ah capitalism, it’s so like Jesus.

  3. I do NOT support the NAR and am 100% against it… TOTALLY.
    But anyone who thinks Obama is a christian is living in a dream world.
    Two wrongs do NOT make one right!

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