Filmmakers question why some Christian media and Christian leaders are Shunning their Film

This developed into a strange but lively discussion at the Christian Post. 

The filmmakers of “2016: Obama’s America” are questioning why some Christian media and even some Christian leaders are reluctant to give movie reviews or place ads of their documentary-style film. Although not financed by any political group, the movie critically questions President Obama’s worldview and paints a dire future under a second-term should he be re-elected. 

“Christians can be weirdly defensive and timid about standing up for what we believe. Maybe this is why we have let the culture slip away from us,” co-producer Dinesh D’Souza told The Christian Post on Thursday. “This film is one that would passionately interest many conservative Christians, so it is downright strange that some Christian editors and Christian leaders would deny their audiences a chance to hear about it.”

I call it strange for the fact this filmmaker appears stunned that not all Christian leaders or Christian media sources in America have openly taken sides in this election;

Christian news magazine WORLD did publish a review of “2016,” but decided against selling ad space for the movie. “We chose not to accept an ad for the movie. We did make a decision early on that we would not accept the ad and it wasn’t because we disagreed with the movie or agreed with it,” Warren Cole Smith, associate publisher of WORLD, told CP.

“We’ve never accepted political advertising in the 26-year history of WORLD Magazine and while this ad was not explicitly from a campaign, the fact that they were coming to us within 90 days of election day and it was explicitly anti-Obama we felt that it violated our own policy of trying to be honest brokers when it comes to the political process,” Smith explained. “We want our readers to be able to trust our point of view and one of the ways that we have guarded that trust for our readers is to not accept political advertising and for us, out of an abundance of caution we decided to reject that ad,” he said.

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Forget that some of the ‘facts’ in the documentary were unsubstantiated or not true, (you can watch it online if you don’t mind joining any of a number of free or pay-to-watch streaming websites) and that this alone may be the reason some Christian media sources (or leaders) might not want to promote it; but the idea that its now considered (in AMERICA) surprising to this filmmaker (and many Christians who commented) that said media and Christian leaders chose to not be involved in promoting a political film period, is the real stunner!  

If we ever needed confirmation of the mutated “child” born out of the unholy union between Christianity and Politics in America, folks this is it. 



7 comments on “Filmmakers question why some Christian media and Christian leaders are Shunning their Film

  1. I love the term “Christian conservatives”. That must reflect a higher degree of Christians. So self righteous. When we see for the first time the Risen Christ we will all be undone and realize just how liberal(extravagant) we should have been concerning following the Christ.

    • Amen Rick.

      I’m afraid many people are counting upon the Christian “conservative” button they wear so proudly, to insure they will one day hear: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant….enter thou into the joy of thy lord”

    • Those are excellent points! I have always wondered if one can be too conservative. I believe the best we can do is look at our actions and motives through the lens of scripture. Even then, we are at the mercy of our own faulty human interpretations.

    • I believe the best we can do is look at our actions and motives through the lens of scripture


  2. Rick:

    You mean christian-CONSERVATIVE

  3. Weird. Christians aren’t into bearing false witness and spreading lies and rumors? More focused on real concerns, or maybe even doing the spiritual work of the Church?

    What’s that about?

  4. This was Mitts message today. one of political grandstanding of the highest order. A message to further stoke division overseas and here at home. A division he wants to encourage, thinking that it all will somehow play to his advantage. His response is filled with HOLLOW SHOUTS of a Bellicose nature to incite more WAR for the American people without a care at all of the consequences that would be derived of such action.

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